Mini Transformational Experience

Painless Problem Solving

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4-22-22 Mini Transformational Experience = 2-Step Painless Problem solving. 
Painless Problem Solving is called for when unpleasant news, detours, obstacles, waylaid plans, unforeseen circumstances  create the need to problem solve.  Often you find yourself frozen in resentment about how the ‘problem’ happened.  Most severely there can be frustration, anger and blame.
At first the problem seems so inconvenient.  The flight is delayed, you’re going to  miss the connecting flight.  All the awful consequences begin to march through your mind.  You immediately attempt to problem solve.  Here comes the anger, the frustration, the blame.
Step one: MTEP and painless problem solving: REDUCE STRESS /CHANGE FREQUENCY
Move away from the problem.  Refrain from jumping in to solve the problem while it’s right in your face.  Take several slow breaths in and out.  Say quietly and repeatedly to yourself,  “Everything is actually better than I think it is.”   
This seems so risky to just be calm and know that things are turning out as they should.  You need to be running around tearing your hair out, right?  Wrong.
The breathing calms the flight or fright response and the statement, “Everything is actually better than I think it is,” resets your frequency from frantic to fine.
This mini transformation experience turns the “awfuls” to synergies.  Trying to stop the “awfuls”  is like trying to stop an advancing freight train.  Now that you have stepped away from the departures board announcing the 2-hour delay, it’s time to take several long breaths in and out, (6 seconds each).  Say to yourself, “Everything is better than I think.”
Step two: MTE for painless problem solving:  REPACE PAIN WITH ADVENTURE
Recognize this PROBLEM is a signal that a surprise turn of events is happening.  This surprise turn of events actually portends an adventure in your life is about to begin.  Things are getting interesting.  Here comes the unknown, magic and synchronicities.  Say to yourself, “There will always be problems and there are always solutions.”
 If you still feel tense do EFT tapping to release the tension.  Solutions born out of stress or tension rarely work to yours and everyone’s benefit.
Smile and embrace the idea that the best possible solution is right in front of you.  This is not the end of the world; it is the beginning of an adventure.  The universe is bringing you a chance to experience synergy, magic and understanding.  Things may not turn out as you planned, they’ll turn out much better. 
This is the way you painless problem solve: let go of something that is upsetting you and replace it with something that has magic qualities, something that shows the solution is right in front of you, unplanned, magical and better than you could have prearranged .  Welcome to painless problem solving in the present moment.

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