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New Moon / New Awakenings – the Body Meditation

New Awakening the Body

Letting Go / Full Moon Meditation

Two new looks at 2021 from Pam Gregory – Really interesting

Great Explanation of the “SHIFT” into new consciousness happening now.


This is such a great explanation of Stillness & it’s benefit

Tree Planting

little-known ways to rest
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   Things to do before first meeting:

  1. Group will be meeting once a week, Monday evening 6pm Alaska time & 8pm MST
  2.  We will be meeting as an audio group invitations to attend will be sent out by Jenna
  3. Every quarter or TBD by the group we will review and activate Life Visions for each member.  Instructions on how to write Life Vision will be provided.
  4. Review how to Power Up so that you can do it during the meeting.   

Agenda of Power of Eight Meeting

The Actual Meeting

  1. Begin meeting by sharing who you are and what you hope to achieve by participating in this group for rest of year.
  2. Next take turns sharing the intentions you wrote for month & for year.  Ask if any of the members of the group with a healing challenge of some sort (emotional or physical) would like to be the target of the healing intention.  Have the person nominated as the recipient to describe their problem in detail.
  3. Spend a few moments talking over and designing the intention statement that you will all hold together. You may want to use the instructions provided on ‘How to Write Intentions’.
  4. Begin by having each member of group close their eyes and become conscious of their breathing.  Then clear their mind of any distractions. Imagine the person nominated for healing in the center of a circle which the group has made.  Then see each person in the group placing a hand on the subject like spokes of a wheel.  Then hold the intention statement in their mind while imagining, with all five senses, the intention recipient as healthy and well in every way.  All members of group then send out the intention through their hearts.  The intention recipient remains open to receive.   (Practice the techniques of “Powering Up” explained on this page before coming to meeting for full instructions.)
  5. After 10 minutes, gently end the healing intention & have everyone take a few moments to ‘come back’ into the room.  First ask the intention recipient to describe how they feel & if they have experienced any changes, positive or negative.  All the members are invited to take turns sharing their experiences.  Take note of any feelings of palpable oneness & also improvement in the condition of both senders and intention recipient.
  6. With time, begin to also select targets outside of your group.
  7. Keep careful note of any monthly progress in your life: your health, your relationships, your career, your business, your life’s purpose.

Powering Up & How to Do It

     Powering Up – Maximizing Use of Your Intentions — Although the power of intention is such that any sort of focus may have some effect, the scientific evidence suggests that you will be a more effective “intender” if you believe in the process, learn how to focus, quiet your mind, connect with the object of intention, visualize the outcome, mentally rehearse and let go, trusting the process.

  1. Choose Your Intention Space – A number of scientific studies suggest that your intention works faster and better if you use the same intention space each time. Choose a place to carry out your intentions that feels comfortable, a place where you and your group or if you are alone, as in audio or video group, you can sit quietly and meditate.
  2. Focus Your Mind – Powering Up — Involves developing the ability to attend with peak intensity, moment by moment. One of the surest ways to develop this is to practice maintaining your concentration in the present and focusing on your five senses while involved in everyday activities.  You can practice turning off the constant inner chatter of your mind and concentrate on your sensory experiences while engaging in everyday activities like eating breakfast, waiting in line, putting on your clothes.  One good means of harnessing your mind to the present is to ‘come into your body’ and check in with your individual senses.  With practice you’ll be able to attend in your intention group with peak intensity.  Sit in a comfortable position in a chair.  Breathe slowly and rhymically either with circular breath or slowly in through the nose and out through mouth, keeping in breath same length of time as out breath.  Repeat this breathing every 15 seconds, stay relaxed.  Carry on for 3 minutes and then continue to observe.  Work up for 5 or 10 minutes.  Go back to focusing your attention just on the breath, then slowly take and inventory of your 5 senses.   What does the present moment look like?  Sound like?  Taste like?  Feel like? Smell like?  Practice this repeatedly.
  3. Make a Connection – Touch or even focus on the heart or compassionate feelings for the other is a powerful means of causing a ‘hyper brain’ between people. If you’re intending for a member of your group, first form an empathetic connection with him or her by spending a few moments exchanging some personal information about each of you or even an object or picture.  Picture holding the other person’s hand.
  4. Be Compassionate – Use the following methods to encourage a sense of universal compassion during the group.                    a.) focus your attention on your heart, as though you are sending light to it.  Observe the light spreading from your heart to the rest of your body.  Send a loving thought to yourself like “May I be well and free from any suffering”                                    b.) On the out breath, imagine a white light radiating outward from your heart.  As you do think “I appreciate the kindnesses and love of all living creatures.  May all others be well.”  First. think of all those you love, then your good friends.  Move on to acquaintances and finally to those people you actively dislike.  For each stage think: “May they be well and free from suffering.”
  5. Tell the Universe Exactly What You Want: These are the Intentions You Have Written 
  6. Mentally Rehearse your intentions.  The best way to send an intention is to visualize the outcome you desire with all five senses.  Imagine yourself or target of your intention engaging in whatever new aspect of life you wish to create.  Visualizations don’t have to be strictly visual.  Some of us are kinesthetic, and have acute sense of feel; others are auditory and think in sounds.  Your mental rehearsal will depend on which senses are most developed in your brain.  

  7. Believe in the Process.  Don’t allow your rational mind to tell you that the intentions won’t work.  Keep firmly fixed in you mind the desired outcome and do not allow yourself to think of failure.  In some studies of intention the power of belief enabled people to carry out extreme acts.

  8.  Time is Right The evidence shows that intentions work better on days when you feel happy and well in every way. It’s not always possible to wait; sometimes you need the intentions to make you feel better.  If you have the choice – wait until you are on top of your game.

  9. Move Aside  In your meditative state within the group, relax your sense of self and allow yourself to merge with the target if your intention.  After framing your intention state it clearly and then let it go.  Don’t think of the outcome.  This power does not originate with you — you are just the vehicle.


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Practice Session for Powering Up & Doing Intention

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Notes from Jenna:

  • I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about ‘Powering Up’ or ‘Writing Intentions’. Feel free to call me 719-649-2391.
  • If you have the opportunity The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart is out on Kindle, please read it.  The anecdotal stories about all the successes these groups have had are wonderful.  The Field by Lynne McTaggart is a fantastic way to learn scientifically how all this has come about through quantum physics.  
  • I am so excited to try this because along with her books, my heart tells me it works.  I became interested in McTaggart’s work after feeling totally frustrated with a country ruled by corporations and the 1% and not being able to do anything to bring about change.  I think this is one of the viable ways.
  • If you have the time click LynneMcTaggart.com to visit.  Also Lynne has a 3 minute video on how to do an intention click here to watch it.  
  • There may be occasions that I request photos from the members of group to assist with Intentions
  • Finally if you know anyone who would like to join this group feel free to invite them.  Certainly share this page with them if you would like.  

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