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Brit, KK, Kyle

Jim & Kerry


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Jacqi Micheals



Meditations From Power of 8

Expanding an area of your life you are thankful for even more

how about a little freedom?

How the past influences CHANGE a meditation



New Moon / New Awakenings – the Body Meditation

Letting Go / Full Moon Meditation

Tree Planting

little-known ways to rest
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   Things to do before first meeting:

  1. Group will be meeting once a week, Monday evening 5pm Alaska time & 7pm MST
  2.  We will be meeting as an audio group invitations to attend will be sent out by Jenna
  3. Please let Jenna know if you are unable to attend via text or email.  
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Notes from Jenna:

  • I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about ‘Powering Up’ or ‘Writing Intentions’. Feel free to call me 719-649-2391.
  • If you have the opportunity The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart is out on Kindle, please read it.  The anecdotal stories about all the successes these groups have had are wonderful.  
  • Membership in the group is by invitation.

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  1. We love our Power of Eight Group! Thanks Jenna for all your time and energy to creating these meditations. Your intuition, creativity, and love is the vessel that helps make the magic happen. Much gratitude to be part of this experience.

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