Power of the YES Moment

The Power of the YES Moment

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The Power of  the YES Moment


What does the power of the yes moment mean and how can it change your life? 

How often do you find yourself giving yourself warnings about what appears to be dangerous or threatening to you?  It may be as subtle as avoiding a certain person or as obvious as not eating sugar.  Does it make you decide that the NO idea will somehow make what bothers you STOP?  It is the YES moment that ushers in the positive change.

The Power of the YES moment to overcome the no.

These NO moments act as a MAGNET to bring more of it into your life.  As soon as you begin to avoid someone, you think of the reasons to sidestep them.  These are negative reasons.  As soon as you say NO to eating sugar all the attention goes to what undesirable things sugar ensures .  This energizes the NO experience to repeat.

Yes attracts the best into your life.

Yes moment acts to magnetizes just as a NO word or NO thought, only it attracts the best into your life.  As  someone comes into your mind think of the joy around this person.  Think of YES to the hello or smile you’ll gift them.  And if sugar enters the arena think of the moments of fun seeing others enjoy sugar and how wonderful it is to feel something else

If you think of Yes moment you create it.

The advice from all of the highly regarded transcendental / spiritual folks is to be conscious of your thoughts and words.  There are the theories about positive thoughts creating a better world.  There is ardent advice that what you think of you create.  So why are you where you are?

The power of the YES moment to overcome Media 

Take a close look at the world around you.  Take a really conscious look.  What are people talking about in your conversations?   Where else do you hear words that illicit thoughts?  The media.  What does the media address that you listen too?  If you are carefully listening they usually are addressing fear-based information.  Unfortunately, this is what grabs attention.  Listening to their words has the same power as listening to your own NO words and then creating NO moments.

The Power of Yes Moments and Yes Words

If you need to think of words why are YES words and ideas so potent?  YES invites the thoughts of wonderful, joyful events in your life.  Yes to a great hike saying hello with the smile of YES to each person you pass.   YES to food.  Yes to sharing nurturing moments with others, opening your heart to the wonder of it all.

Power of Yes Moment to reverse complaining

When you catch yourself getting ready to complain change it to a YES moment.  If you need to create a story to change to a YES moment do it.  When you find yourself on the verge of commiserating with a friend change it to the feeling of joy, even if you have to reach deeply to do so.

Choose the Yes Moment over worry

When worry  reaches tentacles into your life go to the YES moment.  Instead of thinking of the threat, think of a wonderful possibility.  Both are just as valid in the world of the future.  Choose the YES moment.

Yes Moments are the way to a new glorious life

YES moments are the way to a new life.  This is a life filled with joyful moments and exciting synergies.  Be your own trail blazer leaving the past behind expecting nothing and finding synchronicity and an open heart on the way.