Profound Way To Start The Day

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A Profound Way to Start the Day

What are your first thoughts and feelings when you wake up in the morning?
If you are a morning meditator what are the thoughts that grab you in meditation?  Remember the unsettling ones if there are any.
Notice these thoughts because they will set the tone of your day.  They will direct your brain to look for reflections of these thoughts all day long.  It’s like having a search light set to seek out and find examples of things that reflect these thoughts and feelings.  If you can, write down these thoughts. ..

A profound way to start the day involves zeroing in on how you feel.

When you wake up tune in truthfully to how you feel.  First rate how your body feels.   Any aches, pains, sniffles, or physical symptoms.  Be on the look out and register symptoms you’ve had so long you don’t even count them. 
Next gauge how you feel consciously in your mind.  Are you feeling joyful, exuberant, groggy, foggy, unfocused, peaceful?  This feeling is a great prognosticator of how the day is going to unfold.  Click here for morning clearing tapping with Jessica Ortner.

A profound way to start the day happens when you release negative expectations for the day

Maybe you are rushed as you start your day.  Instead of having clear positive thoughts of the day you engage in subtle negative expectations.  These are so uncanny.  These expectations may have been with you for years.  They’ve been around so long you think they are you. 
My example of this is, I awake in the morning, having set a mental buzzer to recognize negative thoughts and there are no glaring ones.  Then a thought creeps in and says, “it’s spring and I can expect allergies.” 
The thought seems absolutely real.  It is a real live negative expectation and sets the tone of the entire day.  Unfortunately it is camouflaged as the truth.  Watch out for those thoughts that seem like the truth in your world, they can prove disastrous.
Profound Way to Start the Day

Meditators  Find a Profound Way to Start The Day by Honoring Any Distractions in the Meditation

If you are a meditator or practice morning stillness and an uncomfortable feeling or thought comes into the meditation or interrupts the stillness, beware.  The normal thing to do is ask yourself, “what did I do wrong?”    Don’t go there.  You didn’t do anything wrong. 
Here’s an example of how to change the feeling of being wrong.  While meditating the sense of emptiness and feeling tired, grabbed your attention.  Immediately this sent a signal that something went wrong.  It makes you feel as if you didn’t get the meditation right.  You got it exactly right. 
Your body was giving you a message about what is going on with you physically and mentally.  Your body is being honest with you and is bringing to your attention the emptiness and tired feeling.  The thought that you did this meditation or stillness wrong immediately generates feeling so tired and empty. 
The tendency first is  to go to the judgement of being wrong rather than look for a positive potential in the feeling.  If you go to the positive potential in the message you can set an intention to remedy this.  Improve the day by experiencing being fulfilled and accomplished in all you undertake  rather than being empty and tired.   
This brings the awareness that you are listening and honors the message you received in the meditation.  At the same time it gives you the opportunity to counteract and heal by bringing a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment  to your day and well into the evening.

2 Purposes to Starting The Day in Profound Way

First purpose is to reward yourself for being present, getting the message in its positive potential form, and being grateful for a new empowering way to traverse your day.   This is encouragement to stay aware, present and thankful.  What a powerful trio to have in your life.
The second purpose is to enable you to set an intention for the day that redirects bringing your attention from tiredness and feeling empty to a much better, more powerful feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment.  Which would you rather experience throughout your day?

Profound Way to Reset Your Morning and Day

As you awake, take a gentle breath in and out.  If you immediately have a discouraging thought refrain from admonishing yourself.  Just say out loud, “ On this glorious morning I’ve been gifted.  I set the intention to design a great day.  I release any subtle negative expectations about today.” 
Realize that you decide, right now in this moment, how you want to feel and what you want to experience today.  Start the day by acknowledging that it is glorious and full of unlimited potential. 
Then release the influence of the past and any pull to the future determined by the past.  Next plant yourself firmly in the present moment.  How do you want to feel today?  Successful, happy, confident, capable, energized, peaceful?  Who do you want to be today?  What positive steps and choices to you want to take?
Profound Way to Start the Day

Now you have set a Profound Way to Start The Day by being aware of all these wonderful possibilities rather than going unconscious and doing what you’ve always done expecting a different outcome.  Welcome miraculous change to your life.

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