How to Reduce Menacing Stress Around Debt

Reduce Menacing Stress Around Debt

This article discusses how to reduce menacing stress around debt and the ways to recognize camouflaged  debt stress situations.  It also explains the health hazards associated with too much stress around debt.

Reducing menacing stress around debt = Difficulty

Debt is by far the most stress provoking type of money. It hovers around every purchase you make.  It influences most steps you take in business.  It shapes how you view yourself.  Even if you have no debt  the memory of past debt and how it felt adversely predetermines decisions around money.

Reduce menacing stress around debt situations that are camouflaged in childhood

A helpful way to recognize hidden stress around debt is to take a look at your early years.  Did you grow up in a home where how much was owed was often a dinner-time topic?  Perhaps arguments sprung up around credit card debt.  Maybe fun outings were cancelled because of debt.  Or the worst, when your Mom’s credit card was refused at McDonalds or grocery store.
Can you remember the pained look on your parents face when something you really wanted had to be denied because of debt?  How did that make you feel?  Were you sad for you or your parents?  Did you blame yourself?
Did this make you decide the dream of something wonderful was too painful to pursue?  Did you decide to stop aiming for the outrageous dream and settle for less?  Did you give up all dreaming because if it didn’t happen the disappointment would be too heartbreaking?
If you answered YES to any of these questions you have debt stress.  This could be unconscious stress that was programmed when you were around 2-7 years.  It is a silent offender that sets you up for a stress reaction when any debt situations arise.  You can recognize it as a pang of uneasiness, a sense you are a loser or not enough.

Reducing the menacing stress around debt: RED ALERT

As you grow older debt stress is a dream killer and a health hazard.  It initiates the flooding of cortisol into your body.  You may have done nothing, you didn’t buy the expensive computer, you didn’t put anything extra on the credit card but there it is. 
What you did do was go into red alert.  Red alert over the possibility not the actual event.  You thought about the tiger but it was only a thought.  Now your body is out of balance trying desperately to escape.  No time for clear thought, good digestion, kind words, healing or intuition.

Reducing the menacing stress around debt with meditation

How can you reduce the stress around debt?  What can you do to heal and bring your dream into focus?  The first thing is to STOP and realize that you did nothing wrong!  Say out loud or to yourself a couple times, “I am so thankful I did nothing wrong!  Thanks.  I am thankful I have the solutions!”
The second thing is move to a place where you are free to be you, mentally and physically.  Maybe move to your car or to an isolated bench or the bathroom.  Take a look at the time.  Practice Heartmath breathing for 10-15 minutes. 
This brings your heart and mind into coherence.  This is very healing.  This simple meditation returns balance to your body and mind.  You are clear-headed and able to access your best judgements and intuition.  You are free.  You are the solution.
This breathing technique works immediately.  The overwhelm lifts.  Over time you begin to heal in other areas of your life too.  I know I use it all the time.