4 steps to an abundant world

Focus on RELEASE right now.  2020 has been a year where nothing seemed inconsequential.  Everything from Covid19 to the US election was pressing, stressful and restrictive.  Now that the US has a new President and Covid19 has a vaccine on the immediate horizon it’s time to RELEASE.

What needs to be RELEASED?

The first thing to release is your inability to dream BIG.  While you’re at it RELEASE your inability to see a bright future for yourself & others.   Now RELEASE all the fear, anxiety, restrictions and limiting beliefs that keep you trapped.  
Let go of the past and dread of future.  Look for any unconscious behavior.  RELEASE IT.


Life is so much more than your past dictates and auto pilot directs.  When you release the past and fear of future you are betting on your skills and talents.   This is you inviting  something new and perfect to enter your life.
When you Release discomfort  and disturbing beliefs, even in the midst of chaos, you begin to see a Divine Intention.  A resorting of all the diverse elements begins and a new  improved perspective forms.
Letting go of the need to be needed as proof that you are loved opens you to grow love from within your being.

How do you RELEASE limits?

If you are a person who prays it’s time to know that YOU don’t have to go outside of yourself to let go of limiting beliefs.  Being right here in the present moment, being aware of all the restrictions you’ve held on to is a first step.
Next in a quiet, peaceful place go within and open to the luminous light that is RELEASE.  It’s all around you.  When an inadequacy comes to mind just push the delete button  and fill the empty space with the luminous light of RELEASE. 
Commit to 10-20 minutes a day to quietly RELEASE.  You have 8 months of stress to let go of, maybe more. 
During the day say these words to yourself,  “I release limiting stories of my past and any fears of the future.  Right here, right now I’m fine.”   Then when unpleasant past versions of your life or  fears relating to your future arise,  envision pushing a delete button.  They are gone.

What will flourish after you RELEASE?

When you RELEASE harmony, peacefulness, joy and the appearance of interconnectedness all grow in your life.  The knowing that you have all you need to be exactly who you want to be expands exponentially.
Abundance along with the power to take a risk sprout from the seeds planted with RELEASE.   The door to a more spiritual world opens.  Synergy is everywhere.

Where does RELEASE LEAD?

Release of  beliefs that don’t serve opens you to new beginnings, positive change and inner healing.  It encourages laughter, playfulness and enthusiasm for life.  Life lightens up and possibilities appear.


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