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Before you begin EFT tapping record your level of pain on scale of 1-10 with 10 being most pain

Hand: Even though I’m feeling this pain, I accept myself & honor how I feel
            Even though I’m feel this pain, I accept myself & give myself permission to relax
            Even though I’m so frustrated w/ this pain I accept myself & how I feel
EB   All this pain
Se   It’s so hard to relax
UE   All this tension in my body
UN    This pain in my body
UM   It’s so frustrating
CB    I’m so sick of it
UA   Don’t know why I’m in so much pain
TH   Makes me feel so stuck
EB   Wonder what this pain is about
SE   Maybe I can listen to my body
UE   It’s safe to feel this pain
UN   Safe to address how I’m feeling
UM   And to let it go
CB   I choose to breath & relax
UA   And begin to release pain from my body
TH   Maybe I can begin to feel better
Tap on following points without repeating just contemplating questions
EB    What is it about your pain that stresses u out the most?  What comes to mind?  How do u feel about your pain
SE    Put your attention on pain specifically.  Ask if there is an emotion attached to pain & what is it?  Notice what comes up.  Is it anger, stress, frustration, worry, grief?  What emotion is within the pain?
UE    Remember the first time u experienced this pain.  What was going on in your life at that time?   What was happening when pain started?
UN    Can you see or imagine the what was going on when first felt pain.  Was it an accident?  Or was there something else going on in your life that may have caused tension or stress.  Think about now
UM    As you reply this movie and tap notice how you begin to release stress and tension from the body.  Notice how when you acknowledge these negative emotions you begin to let them go.  Notice when you play this movie, when you sense the feelings, acknowledge the pain behind the pain your body begins to relax.  You acknowledge this is how I felt, this is what I’m holding in & this is what I’m letting go.
CB    W/ every tap your body begins to relax more & more.  Step by step you let go.  As you let go begin to imagine what your life might be like w/o pain.   Feel your body pain free.  Feel the energy, joy, hope, possibility of healing completely.  Feel the freedom that comes with letting go of pain
UA    Make that image even bigger, even stronger feeling calm, centered and open. Relaxing even more now knowing healing is possible
TH    Even more relaxed releasing this pain from your body, letting go, releasing.  Imagining that possibility now.  Create that reality in your life.  Be pain free.
EB   It’s safe to release this pain
SE   It is safe to relax
UE   I acknowledge this pain & these feelings
UN   I begin to let them go
UM   I’m open to releasing all of this pain
CB   All these negative emotions
UA   All of this tension from by body
TH   Releasing this pain now feeling stronger & stronger
Deep breath > check on pain level  

Click here to listen to audio to release pain