Reliable Strategy to Manifest Joy: “Knowing”

Reliable Strategy to Manifest Joy: “Knowing”

In my journey to create from the quantum field or from energy to matter, rather than matter to matter I have realized that the clue is the strategy to manifesting joy is KNOWING joy.   You can wish joy, you can affirm joy, you can believe joy yet reaching that feeling of ‘knowing’ joy is the reliable way to get what you intend.  This is a ‘how to’ manifest the positive things you want.  
So, what’s the difference between “knowing and believing and wishing?”  Believing and wishing something will happen puts it out in the future.  Knowing something will happen places it in the present moment.  There is a certainty in knowing that is missing in believing and definitely in wishing.
I’ve read that believing that some desired outcome or some wished for event is the way to manifest it.  Ok , the first thing is, what do you need to do to believe the new metallic purple Tesla is appearing in front of your home?  There are numerous techniques you can google, some more reasonable than others.  I’ve tried them.  All of them still seem haphazard to me.  I’ve been studying and trying the believing way for years with random success.   Random isn’t the outcome to seek.
“Knowing” you are creating something you desire is my new route.  All the times that I recollect knowing that something is happening, that something has indeed happened.  The question for me is how do you get to “knowing?”  How do you create knowing in your life?  Does the knowing have to be specific;  Like knowing the purple Tesla is in your driveway?  Or can it be the emotion or feeling that actually having a purple Tesla brings.  Can you substitute “knowing” the feeling and then take what it brings?
Of course, we’ve just drifted into the expectations arena.  Is it better to know the feeling you want and see what the quantum field delivers or have a very specific expectation? 
 Does the quantum field know more than you?  Does the quantum field know what car the feeling you desire brings?  Doing it that way certainly leaves room for more options.  Personally, I’ll choose more options and go with “knowing” the feeling I want to experience.
So, let’s back into this.  Choose what you want to materialize.  Is it a new home, new job, a new inspiring idea, a new relationship, a successful business,  maybe $500,000 or reversing a particularly onerous health prognosis / problem? 
Once you’ve determined what you want, then get quiet / still and envision yourself with what you have chosen to materialize.
 How do you feel with this glorious gift?  Is it joy, happiness, power, relief, excitement, new life or enthusiasm?  Or is it doubt, impossible, or crazy?  If you find yourself in the latter category take a look at why you feel it’s impossible, crazy or doubtful.  One thing I do know is you’ll never get to  the magical “knowing” state with these feelings.  There’s a great exercise from The Tapping Solution to rid yourself of these negative impediments like doubt.  Click here to learn the exercise.
The next step is to make sure the feeling of “knowing” is a positive one.  Anything neutral or negative is relegated to everyday life.  You are not working with everyday life exercises.  In this case you are going for outrageous desire.
Take the next week to come up with some outrageous desires and then match them with the feeling you have when you have the desired result in front of you.
To be continued in following blogs ….
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  1. Interesting video. I have had knowing’s much of my life that stem from beliefs that are grounded into my being. Like the Law of Attraction when it pertains to money and abundance. That law has served me for 10+ yrs. It’s now just a knowing. No fear associated with money for me ever. Yet there seems to be a disconnect in other areas. So perhaps all I need to do is know that i am achieving great success in other areas so that it becomes a knowing!!! I’m guessing that’s how this works. The more you focus on it the more it becomes an actual thing (good or bad). Then you see it happen enough that you create a belief about it and then it becomes a knowing

  2. Loved it. I hope there will be many comments. It will show where the general audience is on this topic. Looking forward to the rest of this series of blogs. Thank you.

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