Script & EFT Tapping Script


CRAP stands for Conflicts, Resistances, Anxieties, Procrastination, and any other problem you think you have. So, the instructions, I will just go through them really quick. These aren’t all the instructions, just the main ones. And it is on a single sheet of paper, right down all your crappy thoughts and feelings and list at least 20 of your limiting beliefs, your worries, your fears, weaknesses you think you have, doubts you have about stuff, whether it’s real or imaginary, just dump it all out. And I included in this list all those to-do things that were churning around in my brain. And my list ended up being front and back of a loose-leaf paper and starting on the next paper. So, I had a lot of stuff going on in my head.

Now that you have made that list and just relax as deeply as you can, take a couple of deep breaths, and just gaze at the paper. Don’t look at it, don’t judge anything you see on it, just look at it like it’s another object in the room. And what I did is I just went through and did tapping while I looked at the paper and I just started on the eyebrow point and did tapping on all the points, I didn’t do the setup statement where you tap the karate chop and say anything, I just went through and looked at each line and did EFT tapping on one point, went to the other line, went to the next point, and just went through and did tapping until I finished everything on those two-and-a-half pages of paper.

I noticed all the negativity disappeared, all that zapping across my brain, my forebrain, disappeared. I felt clear-headed, I felt focused, and I felt energized. Cognitive behavioral therapy research for the past 30 years has shown that your brain disconnects from its worries when you relax and observe them on a sheet of paper, believe it or not. It worked for me and there was a little bit more involved in it but that will get you started. And he gives instructions that you want to do this daily for about a week or so and you can add additional thoughts and beliefs and worries to the paper, which I did as I was tapping and different things would come up in my head so I just add them to the list. But this is the important thing – it says do not throw out that sheet of paper, because if you do then your brain starts ruminating on all the stuff you have on this sheet of paper that you haven’t resolved yet. So, he says to keep that sheet, he says to keep it on the wall in your office, and I have it on a clipboard. And then I just take it out and tap. It takes about five minutes to go through the tapping with it every day. And when I start feeling disconnected or discombobulated I go back to that and it seems to really work for me.

Okay, good. So, with the rating scale, instead of using zero to ten like we usually do with tapping, I want you to rate either your energy level right now or your metabolism right now on a different scale, a zero to 100, where zero reflects no energy at all and I hope you’re not there because that’s not a good place to be, and 100 reflects that your energy level is running at 100%.

The simplest way to rate this is just to use your intuition and you know best what you feel like when all your circuits are firing and you know what it feels like to be under par. So just whatever number pops into your head, that’s a good number to use. Don’t judge it or obsess whether you’re really pinpoint accurate with it, just use it as a starting point for the tapping. And what I mentioned in the script, fears, anxieties, or other emotions, you don’t have to go any deeper than that. We’re just talking to the subconscious body to the intuition of your inner wisdom, your body’s inner wisdom, that’s it, just say the words and let your body take over and release what it has to release, okay? To learn more about EFT Tapping 


EFT Tapping Script

Rate your energy level on scale of 1 – 10.  10 is the most energy and 1 is the least.
I have chosen feeling love in this tapping but you may substitute any emotion you would like as you tap.
Eyebrow, Side of Eye, Under Eye, Under Nose, Under Mouth, Collarbone, Under arm, Top of Head
Side of Hand: Energy level at only whatever you chose on scale above ___________
I wonder why?
Do I have any fears or anxieties?
Do I have any angers or resentments? Do I have any hurt or disappointments?
Do I have any physical discomforts?
Do I have anything else dragging me down? Resulting in my energy only running at _______ on scale?
Side of Hand: Even though my energy is still running under 100%
I release anything and everything that slows down my energy level And I deeply and completely love myself
And forgive myself unconditionally
Despite all my problems, challenges, and limitations
Side of Hand: Even though my energy level is not used to running at 100% all the time
I now repair everything that slows down my energy
As I deeply and completely love and accept myself as a loving and magnificent person with lots of loving & magnificent energy running through my body.
EB Repair everything that slows down my energy
SE I am all magnificent, loving energy
UE We are all magnificent, loving energy
UN The magnificent, loving energy of the universe is all around me
UM Repairing everything that stops me from feeling that loving, magnificent energy CB I am grateful to feel that energy as love in my heart
UA I am feeling loved by the universe
TH Others are amazed at loving I feel to them
EB This loving, magnificent energy is like a bright light flowing into every cell in my body
SE I can feel every cell healing and more energized
UE I feel so alive and vibrant and people notice this light and vibrancy UN As the days and moths go by I am flowing with health and vitality UM Every aspect of my life is glowing and I am more successful
CB My relationships are beautiful and effortless
UA I have so much energy
TH I am healthier, I am more vibrant
And I have this amazing, loving energy Flowing through and around my body Now and always.

Now take a deep breath and go back and take a new reading on that zero to 10 scale and I bet you’ll notice some shifts there. And notice one thing we did not tap, we did not use the language that our energy is increasing to 10 because I think it’s probably better to let your body, with its own innate intelligence, to increase your energy at a healthy rate.