Tapping Script to Overcoming Seasonal Allergies

Part 1
SH: Even though my sinus are screaming that I’m in danger.  That someone or some idea is adversely affecting me, I choose to calm down and feel secure.
SH: Even though I feel powerless to get rid of these watering & itchy eyes, this sneezing and runny nose I’m open to changing these feelings right here and now.
EB: I’m feeling so frustrated
SE: How could air that was fine yesterday cause such discomfort today?
UN: This sneezing and stuffiness is keeping me from feeling good
UM: I hate this runny, red, sore nose
CB: I’m unable to breath freely and enjoy the day
UA: I don’t feel safe
TH: I just feel powerless to do anything about these allergies and I’m miserable
EB:  So why do I have these allergies?
SE: Where did they come from?
UE:  Why can’t I get them to stop?
UN: I know I have the answers to these questions
UM: I wonder what has to do with my emotions?
CB: All this frustration around feeling powerless
UA: it’s okay to acknowledge these frustrations
TH: It’s okay to begin to let them go
EB: This rejection of my own power is showing up in my body
SE: It feels like I don’t have the power to protect myself
UE:  Maybe I do have the power to protect myself
UN: It’s safe to release this sense of powerlessness and become strong and vigorous
UM: It’s safe to feel comfortable around other people
CB: it’s okay to relax and thrive in the world
UA: it’s time to assume my power
TH: I’m feeling comfortable and happy in my body
Part 2
EB: Continue to tap while listening, imagining and visualizing as we go through the next round of points.  Tune in to your body.  Who are you allergic too?  How are you avoiding your own power?  Pay attention to allergies you have.  What comes up for you?  How do you feel?
SE: Who and what are you allergic to?  What are you unable to adapt to?  How are you rejecting your own power?  Be present to the answer to these questions and the feelings and emotions the words stimulate for you.
UE: Can you remember a time in your life that coincides with the beginning of your allergies when you felt adversely affected by someone and felt powerless to do anything?
UN: Feeling present, strong and safe in your body just allow the emotions to emerge.  Is there a memory arising now?  Is there something someone said or did?  Just be in the moment to that memory and how you feel in your body,
UM: if you can remember when your allergies started ask yourself what was going on in your life at that time.  If you’re unable to recall just imagine that you can and bring up when it started and what was your life like then?
CB: Paying attention to your body and immune system, notice if anything is changing or improving for you.  How does your body feel now.  What is causing these allergies?  What would it take to release them?
UA: Your body is relaxing and filling with healing energy that surrounds you.  These old beliefs are acknowledged and being released.
TH: Becoming more comfortable and relaxed, letting of any resistance to you personal power, feeling safe within your body and feeling safe and secure in the world around you.
EB: The world is safe and friendly
SE: I am safe and secure
UE: I am at peace with my life … Feel that in your body and around your body
UN: The world really is a safe and friendly place
UM: I am safe
CB: Feel these affirmations in every cell of your body.  I am at peace with my life.
UA: The world is safe and friendly
TH: I am safe.  I am at peace with my life
Finishing up
Breath in slowing and exhale slowly.  Check in to the stress and tension you felt at the beginning and now rate what the intensity is on scale 1-10
If stuff came up write it down so you can work on it later.  The more you can identify the emotions that are stuck and the beliefs that are keeping you from releasing and healing the better you get!