How to book a personal session

Please email Jenna at and include following:

  • Mention which package from Packages Page you are interested in.
  • List best dates and time for you.
  • Make sure the email you want me to respond to is listed.
  • Make sure you’ve given your name.
  • Payment is after the session is complete.
  • I will promptly get back with you to set up YOUR session.





Here’s what you need to Know about each session.

Each session lasts 45-60 minutes unless otherwise stated in package

Each session includes an audio recorded for reviewing.

The session is analogous  to a partnership to reach your goal or intention. This is NOT coaching or rescuing.

If you are uncertain about whether a session is worth it I am always available for a free Q & A.  

Just email to set up free Q & A.

Session Choices

1 – New life and inspiration –    You  uncover patterns that transform into inspirations for a new life.  You  educate your mind and spirit to open to and receive inspiration to unlock the door to a new life. 

2 – Abundance and freedom .  You face your beliefs about abundance and lack and transform them into abundance generators.  You experience the feeling of freedom & joy that abundance creates before it even happens and you are on the way to a plentiful time.

3 – Healing and feeling completeLearning the best, proven tools to heal your mind and body.  Chi Gong healing, energy healing, and guidance from Oracle cards.   You become complete, know your powers, feel fulfilled and reduce stress, all of which helps your body automatically heal.  Maybe throw a little Dr. Joe in the mix!

Number of sessions
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