Sleeping Through the Night – Finally

Finally Sleeping through Night


Hey, I’m finally sleeping through the night.  That’s something you’d expect a new mom to say about her little one.  Unfortunately, after you have put in 30 years of stressful work , sleeping through the night becomes a challenge. 

I admit I have tried a zillion remedies.  Everything from no caffeine all day (OMG) to not getting into bed until you are sure you’re ready to go to sleep.  That one definitely didn’t work.  I never tried any prescribed drugs.  I committed to finding the solution without drugs.

For several years I would just stay awake for most of the night, finally falling asleep around 4am and getting up at 6am.  The following night I would fall asleep and get 8 hours of rest.  Then I would start the pattern all over again.  This worked for a while.  I noticed I was cranky on the 2 hours of sleep night.  I hated that.

Then came menopause and my sleeping really fell apart.  Menopause really exhausted me.  I would crash around 9:30pm and wake up at 10:30pm wide awake.  Some nights I would get back to sleep around 2am and other nights around 4am.  I blamed this sleep train wreck on “hot flashes”.

Things improved a bit with the end of menopause and with the help of ear plugs, and melatonin.  It was still a game of roulette as to which nights I would sleep which I would not sleep.

Then I discovered 2 very valuable sleeping aids.  The first one was EFT tapping.  Each night before bed I would follow a tapping script from The Tapping Solution App.  For some reason this really helped me fall back to sleep quickly even though I was still waking up an hour or two after going to sleep.  I have continued to use tapping even though I have refurbished the way I use it and the actual practicing of EFT.  More to follow.

The second sleeping aid I discovered was Joe Dispenza’s meditations especially “Blessing the Energy Centers.”   After about 9 months of doing his meditations just about every day I am sleeping through the night! 

I realize now the tapping releases actual stress that causes the body to produce too much cortisol.  When you have released the stress build up from the day it is much easier to get back to sleep.  The challenge is to recognize that even some of the lesser aggravations cause the body to release cortisol as in ‘fight or flight.’  I’m a big ‘flight’ person and become stressful when I can’t seem to get away from the discomforts I’m experiencing.  So if you are like me you might as well tap every night before bed.

Joe Dispenza’s books and meditations are remarkable.  He shares a wonderful program called ‘The Formula’ along with Blessing the Energy Centers.  ‘The Formula’ wakes you up to the patterns in your life that induce stress and disease.  It then instructs you on how to change those patterns. 

Now with balanced energy centers and a new consciousness about the negative patterns that keep me up at night I’m finding I’m sleeping beautifully.  My world is brighter and my energy levels are fantastic. 

I will include the 2 tapping exercises I use now before bed.  Check out “Unlimited”, Joe Dispenza’s website for great ‘Blessing the Energy Centers’ meditations and his great program, “The Formula.”



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