Surefire Recipe for Self-love


Recipe for Self-love

If a Surefire Recipe for Self-Love is something  you’ve wished for repeatedly then keep reading.  Say you’ve been raised in a family that punished you one moment and told you they loved you the next, then welcome.  You are in the right place. 
Perhaps you grew up in a family that didn’t even bother to tell you they loved you.  They criticized you and told you it was for your own good so that you would be someone others would respect and love. Frightening.  No wonder you have wished for a recipe for self-love.
You’ve heard that love makes the world go round and “all you need is love”.  Then what exactly is the recipe for self-love?  Have you been in a peaceful place and focused on what love feels like?  What did you get?  Possibly memories of times when others did wonderful things that filled your heart.  Perhaps it was the soft eyes of a puppy dog looking up at you.  These definitely are ingredients in the recipe for self-love.   There are 6 more ingredients.

Recipe for self-love #1: know you are meant to be loved

The first ingredient in the recipe for self-love is to know you are meant to be loved.  Do your very best to find the people, places and events that make you feel good or even great.  These things are different for all of us however the feeling of being great or fantastic is essentially the same.  Set the intention to look for things that make you feel good about yourself.   This means in the moment of the experience you are having give your attention to those things that celebrate you.  Train yourself to do this.

Recipe for self-love #2: you are the magic of the present moment

The second ingredient in the recipe for self-love is to add the magic of the present moment to your life and eliminate basing how you feel about yourself on events from the past.  Those events are gone.  Dwelling on them takes valuable time away from the glory of you right now.  It’s like blaming a young person ready to take off the training wheels and ride, for having to have training wheels.  The magic ingredient is to celebrate right where you are now.

Recipe for self-love #3: seek those things you are gratful for

The third ingredient in the recipe for self-love is to seek actively and everyday those things you are grateful for in your life.  These are the wonderful things that you have brought to your awareness that make you feel so good, so appreciated, so happy, and even those tears of release.  This is you proving to yourself that you love the world that is you.  It is you letting go of what is uncomfortable and not you.  This is recognizing the essence of you and it’s magnificent value.

Recipe for self-love #4: you have done nothing wrong

The fourth ingredient in this recipe for self-love is to know and accept that you have done nothing wrong.  These wise words are from Matt Kahn.  Nope, the harsh words you spoke, the vase you broke, the fat stomach, the car crash none of this is wrong.   In order to be who you were born to become, life couldn’t have happen any other way.  You are exactly right as you are and so are the other folks walking this earth.   Love them and yourself as you are.

Recipe for self-love #5: what you see around you is an indicator of how you see yourself

The fifth ingredient in the recipe for self-love is to be conscious of what is around you as an indicator of how you are viewing yourself.  If the job sucks or the friends don’t seem very friendly then what is this indicating about you and self-love?  It’s telling you that you aren’t sharing loving thoughts with yourself.  You are chattering to you about chronic, ugly, demeaning stuff.  Think of someone you love, would you be critical of them to their face repeatedly?  Probably wouldn’t be a beloved friend for long.

Recipe for self-love #6: see your goodness in the mirror

The last ingredient in this recipe for self-love is the mirror.  Take a moment to think of 3 things you’ve done or thought that are wonderful or encouraging.  Then go to the closest mirror and look into your eyes and recite each thing you’ve thought of and thank yourself for being you and doing or thinking the good things you’ve done.  Make this a daily routine.  This practice is explained by Louise Hay
Now you have all the ingredients for you loving you.  Put them together and sit for a moment and feel this love for YOU. 
“Be loyal to your dreams and soul, turn knowledge to wisdom and experience to magic….  You are the one you’ve been waiting for ….”

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