Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power

recognize powerless and 3 methods to release it 
Take back your power!  What?  I never knew I lost it.  That’s the problem with power.  What is it and when do you have it?  Is power a feeling or is it a physical display of might?  What happens when you have power?  What happens when you are powerless?  Think about that for a moment.


Feeling powerless can flash like a neon sign or it can be as subtle as a soft breeze.  There’s no need to pay attention to the flashing neon sign of POWERLESS.  There is a chance to ignite power when you recognize the elusive nature of powerlessness.
Take Back Your Power whenever you feel abandoned, or hear the words of your ‘suffering self’ echoing in your head.  Any time you accept that you can’t affect a change for the better you are powerless.  Any time you believe the words of the ‘suffering self’ you have reinforced your lack of power.
The deviousness of the ‘suffering self’ tells you to be empathetic towards another’s loss.  It wonders out loud in your head why you aren’t crying, screaming, marching about injustices.  Why are you just sitting there?  It’s asking you to react in traditional ways of power.  It queries how another person could be so stupid.  But do those thoughts/words build power?
These simple, seemingly clear statements of fact screaming in your head eventually cause you to suffer.  Whether it be that person who you declared is so stupid or that action of solidarity you missed or the lies that even corrected are accepted.  They holler out loud,  “Welcome suffering.”  You wouldn’t be complaining if it made you feel great.
Then there are the expectations creeping in innocently.  You just thought that’s the way it’ll be, the way things ought to be,  the way they always are, the gentleman’s agreement; GONE.  And who is suffering?  You.  This is suffering creating powerlessness.  Take Back Your Power.


Bring CONFIDENCE into your life.  Change you vibration to confidence by following this exercise.  Remember words are powerful.  Listen to more about power of words.        
Chose the word CONFIDENT* rather than the word powerful to Take Back Your Power.  Say it to yourself.   Know the opposite of CONFIDENT is UNCERTAIN.   Be in a place you won’t be interrupted.   Begin Heart math measured breathing to slow breathing down.  Imagine you are breathing in and out of your heart area.  Inhale to a count of 5 and exhale to count of 5.  Do this 3-4 times.   On 5th breath in say, CONFIDENT while continuing to do 5 count.  As you exhale to a 5 count say, RELEASING UNCERTAIN.  Repeat this until you sense the release of UNCERTAINTY and the increase of CONFIDENCE.
Be fully present in the here & now.  Let go of the need to rely on the past for guidance.  At this moment you are in a very different place for 10 years ago or 10 hours ago.   Let go of hoping for something in the future.  When you hope for something it means you don’t have it.  How helpless do you feel?  Claim your power right now.  Be powerful by sitting like you’re powerful, walk like you are powerful, speak with power and smile with power. 
Experience all your senses awakening to unlimited possibilities.  Don’t believe a word your mind tells you.  Question all boundaries.  Remain steady with 5 minute stillness breaks.  Remember you are an emissary from the Divine!
*The words powerful & powerless carry long history of emotions, these emotions lead  to head talk and detract from the power innate in the word CONFIDENT.

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