Tapping for Restlessness & Uncertainty


Tapping Script for Restlessness & Uncertainty

How intense does restlessness, anxiety and uncertainty feel in your body?
Rate on scale 1-10 with 10 being most intense
Karate chop:  Even though I’m being forced to stay home and it’s crazy, I give my body permission to relax now
Karate Chop: Even though this pandemic is forcing me to fear for my future I  accept where I am now and I allow my body to relax
Even though I’m doubting what future holds and how safe I’ll be.  I allow my body to begin to rest with every tap
EB  Everything has changed
SE  I’m home with kids and things are nuts
UE  I have no time to rest
UN  Everything is unraveling
UM  Everything is on hold except finances
CB  My finances are stretched right now
UA  I have so much planned and can’t get it done
TH  All this worry
EB   I feel so uncertain
SE  I feel so restless my comfort patterns are gone
UE  I feel anxious about future
UM  all this anxiety
CB  All of this fear
UA  My body feels like it’s on red alert
TH  I’m so stressed
EB  I give my body permission to relax
SE  I give my mind permission to take a break
UE  I’ll do things to help me rest & feel present
UN  Right now & right here I’m OK
UM  I am open to ways to be present and Rest
CB   I am resilient
UA  I’ve been thru challenging things before
TH  I’ll find ways to rest
EB  Rest leads to creative ideas
SE  Rest helps put things in better perspective
UE  I let go of the anxiety
UM  as I relax and let my body rest
CB  I am safe
UA  I let go of restlessness with every tap
TH  The more I relax and rest the easier it is to succeed
Take deep breath in and exhale
Check in on intensity of feelings in your body on scale of 1-10