The Astonishing Healing Power of Blackness

The healing power of darkness

Is the healing power of blackness confusing?

When you hear the word blackness in the same sentence with the word healing are you confused?  Does blackness bring to mind negative, harmful, scary, evil and fearful?  How could blackness be healing.? 
When you think of darkness or experience complete blackness the myriad of stimuli that are in the light disappear.  There is a void.  There is nothing to arouse head talk or anxiety.  There is just blackness. 

The value of the healing power of blackness related to sleep & general health

Scientists and physicians stress the importance of blackness in the circadian rhythm or sleep – wake cycle.  They advise that 7 to 8 hours of sleep during the dark cycle are imperative for good physical health. 
Lack of sleep in the darkness can increase the chances of cardiovascular problems, obesity and neurological problems like bipolar disorders.
Darkness brings on the production of melatonin which fights diseases such as breast and prostate cancer.  It also is necessary for healthy immune system.  Scientific information on sleep/darkness/healing.

Does the healing power of blackness only happen at night?

Although the most familiar way to access the healing power of blackness is in the darkness it can also be accessed during day light.
It has been discovered that becoming quiet and still, in day light, while closing your eyes and imagining you are surrounded by blackness can slow brain waves. 
Going from very active beta to alpha, theta and delta waves is where healing begins.  When you move into a “state” of blackness whether real or imagined you slow down brain waves and begin  widespread healing.
More information on brain waves, meditation and healing

How does the healing power of blackness feel?

As you go to sleep in the blackness the feeling is unconsciousness, a sense of blankness.  Your body seems to loose contact with your brain and a soft nothingness occurs.  There is no head chatter, no aches, and pains magically subside.  Both your body and mind are effectively asleep and in darkness.
When you choose to reach for the healing power of blackness in the light as mentioned before you close your eyes (blind fold) and imagine darkness all around you.  Your mind is still actively seeking the comfort of nothingness that blackness provides.
As you breath and create blackness all around you, a welcome peace arrives.  There are no visual or mental distractions.  You are in a void, an emptiness.  There is nothing harmful in emptiness.

How does the healing power of blackness work?

It simply allows your body and mind to heal without everyday distractions.  Emotions like stress, danger, anxiety, pain, anger, fear and impatience create the production of cortisol.  Cortisol causes your healing body functions to shut down as you begin “flight, fright, fight.”  All of your energy is directed to your legs and getting away from the danger.
Being peaceful, still, quiet and joyful allows your body to move into a healing mode, repairing anything that was harmed during stressful times.  It also permits your mind and heart to become coherent opening up intuition and recognition of opportunities that are clouded by distractions of day light.
Being in the blackness reduces so many things that interfere with healing.  If you can’t see or sense interruptions then all that’s left is hearing and feeling. 
Free meditations using the darkness for healing from Joe Dispenza

The healing power of blackness as pure potential

I find myself looking forward to the blackness of evening.  I have had so many wonderful healings occur both physically and mentally from times spent in the darkness.    My capacity to listen and receive healings have increased exponentially in the darkness.  I have had flashes of intuition that are helpful beyond words. 
Because I have had such fantastic results from just sitting in still – blackness that it has become a place I seek.  It is a state of wellbeing, security and peace.   It is my home of healing.
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