The Past Is A Remarkable Part Of Now

When the past is a remarkable part of NOEW

 The Past Is A Remarkable Part of The Now

Miraculous events happen when the past is a remarkable part of NOW

There are times in your life that are miraculous.  They are beyond anything you could create with your ego at the helm.  They may begin with a shock, something to wake you up from the constant hum of a long-ago program running.  They may happen as an answer to a question you posed to the Universe and never really expected the answer.  If the Universe regularly answers your questions this answer is so different that it totally surprises you. 

The past is a remarkable part of NOW when meaningful memories are the answer to questions today.

All this indicates that somehow you have awakened, sans illusion, and your answer appears.  It is perfect and has so much depth to it that it takes days, months and years to uncover the deeper, clearer meanings.  Most important is the fact that this is an answer you hold on to because of it’s remarkable effect on your life in the moment you became aware of it.

My story weaves a journey that shows the past is a remarkable part of now.

The story from my past involves a time that I wondered about the future of nature and the earth and humanity’s well-being.  That is a very broad topic.  However, my focus was learning and narrowing in on what I needed to do for the highest good of all. 
I was watching the species around my home diminish.  When we first moved here there were all sorts of animals and insects to watch.  I longed to see a porcupine after noticing the pine needles left on the ground from a ‘porcupine party’, as the family lovingly labelled it.  I sat on the deck at night and watched the bats soar by sometimes sensing them just missing my head.  I was taken with bats and honey bees and magpies. 
I was particularly interested in the symbolic meaning of animals, birds and insects, sentient beings. I fell in love with the Navaho & Hopi interpretations of the world of animals, birds and insects.  They brought a richness to nature around me, an extra meaning to my everyday life.  This was awakening to another world waiting to be interpreted freshly by something other than my ego. 

Past is a remarkable part of now, but it can be misdirected by work & life so that the messages it brings no longer captures the magic.

I found myself temporarily distracted from this world of discovery by work, travel for work and climbing the ladder at work.  I continued to take weekend breaks to hike and delight in the animals and nature I’d see. 
I’d use the Hopi or Navaho meaning of what came across my path, be it an insect or mountain lion, as a beacon for the direction I’d take at work during the week.  I began to love the time spent on the magical messages much more than time spent at work.
When the past is a remarkable part of NOW

The actual memory of the past is a remarkable part of the now and serves as a link to the Universe and the enduring answers it provides you.

In the last 6-7 years nature is changing and my friends are leaving and changing.  The honey bees are gone, the bats are gone, no porcupine parties, and very few magpies.  That’s why the miraculous experience I had one morning remains as an honored significant memory of the past.  One that I visit often. 
The experience involved a curiosity that I was unable to explain.  Why was there a mark above the cornice of our front door and why was stuff that looked like mouse poop in abundance where the mark was?  I was feeling like Inspector Clouseau.  I checked early every morning to see if I could catch a glimpse of the mouse or whatever it was.  Days & days & lots of poop went by and no clue. 
Then late one morning after asking the Universe for an answer to my question about the fate of the earth, nature and sentient beings, I chose to open the front door to check on things and there miraculously was a bat hanging upside down and looking at me. 
I knew immediately this was who insisted on spending each night with us.  It had been years since I’d seen any bats flying around as they had done when we first moved.  I read they were dying off rapidly.  So, to see this bat looking at me late in the morning was a knowing that it was waiting for me & I was late.
I instantly knew it was my answer from the Universe.  I silently asked this persistent bat permission to grab a picture to show my grandsons and got a positive.  I also knew this was the last time I’d see the bat and to this day thinking of this experience brings tears.
I was filled with a sense of unexpected joy to meet our late-night visitor.  I had such respect for this creature who stayed near me for so many months.  Mostly I was overcome with love.  Love for a fellow participant in this earth walk, a bat, who was probably not coming back but chose to bring me the answer to my question.  I knew that this bat symbolically meant rebirth.

An epiphany from the past is a remarkable part of the now as it enhances and encourages your life in the present moment.

“Rebirth”, I said to myself.  That’s the answer to my question.  Am I going to go through a rebirth?  Is the earth going through a rebirth?  How does this work, what could it entail?  Five years have passed making this experience clearly a relic of the past.  I’ve learned from respected people like Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, and sundry scientists that there is no power in the past.  Click here to learn what Dispenza says.  To let it go.  Yet here is where I refute blanket ‘letting go’ of the past.
I’m aware that living a life run by past memories is limiting and corrodes your power and self-love.  The present moment is where stillness is.  I’ve come to know that stillness is the home of great magical, invisible power and love.  Yet there is a very sacred place in the past.  That is the place you plant remarkable, enduring, living memories that encourage and enhance your present moment life. 

Are poignant memories from the past a remarkable part of now? Definitely.

These are the memories that create the openings to your Soul’s and Universe’s guiding light.  This memory of the bat at my door, it’s message of rebirth for nature and all sentient beings is as powerful as the present moment.  It is intricately involved in the unfolding of the present moment.  It may rest in a place called the past however it surpasses linear time and becomes simultaneous with NOW.
This entire experience, brought by a bat,  has served as guidance as I wonder about the effects of covid 19.   The question of the outcome of this strange time circles my days.  Is it a “shift” in the earth’s awareness, a stirring of world-wide consciousness or best said a “REBIRTH.”  The meaning of this event of the past lives right here, right now as an answer. 
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  1. The writing just gets better each week. You should give yourself a pat on the back. Be proud, take a ????‍♀️. I really enjoyed the story, as much as you did writing it. You are awesome, but I am sure you will get better.
    Great insights about the NOW. ????

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