Undeniable Magic of Story Telling

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I’ve always loved STORY TELLING.  As a child I experienced the magic of STORY TELLING as I sat for hours and listened to my Dad tell his stories.  Astonishingly, very few were repeated.  Fortunately, or unfortunately depending who’s looking upon it, I’ve always been a STORY TELLER..

While in college I met the worlds’ greatest STORY TELLER.  Several of us would take road trips or hikes and wonderful, funny things would happen along the way.  When we returned to campus she (worlds’ greatest story teller) could weave the story of our adventures with style and remarkable belly laughing humor.  I admit I have always admired her talent for STORY TELLING.

Many years have passed since then and now I see STORY TELLING as an art form and wonderful healing tool to be used as often as possible, even if you are just quietly telling the story to yourself.

You are probably wondering how is STORY TELLING a healing tool?  There are 3 major restorative benefits of STORY TELLING.  Time to reveal all 3.

The first benefit of STORY TELLING is the way it brings balance to your life and to situations you view as way off balance.  Perhaps you are stressed from worry about a situation in your life.  Take a moment to reframe the stressful situation.  See the situation from a different perspective. 

Let’s say you are suffering from a stomach ache and you are worried you have an ulcer or something dire.  Tell yourself a different story about what’s happening in the moment in your stomach.  Tell the story that it’s a warning to slow down when you are eating, telling you to breathe in and out slowly in-between bites, letting your stomach’s natural rhythm of digestion take over peacefully. 

Make up an entire story about how great it is that your stomach lets you know when to slow down and enjoy a meal and even uses your intuition to guide you to foods that are easy to digest.  The story goes from stress, to breathing slowly, to calm, to silly laughter as you recognize how fast you were eating.

The second advantages of STORY TELLING is how it opens your viewpoint to recognize what’s important and desirable in your life.  Not small linear goals you’d like to reach but outrageously wonderful dreams and desires. 

Begin by TELLING THE STORY of what life is like with an extra $40,000,000, the car with new car smell, the home, the trips, the joy, the freedom.  Feel the excitement and if you have some guilt or doubt make sure you say all this fantastic stuff  to use “for the highest good of all.”

Tell yourself this wonderfully outrageous story often, especially when you find yourself doubting your personal power or experiencing things that seem to be obstacles in the way of reaching your “phantasmagoric” dreams.

Watch your story spark your imagination to grow and thrive.  Find a peaceful spot and entertain yourself with the expansion of those dreams created by the awakening of your imagination.

Undeniable Magic of Story Telling

I’ve read and listened to several multi-millionaires who say that they are today exactly where their STORY TELLING predicted.  It’s so much fun to open your horizons to a world greater than everyday life.

The third benefit of STORY TELLING is the opportunities it brings into your life.  Please tell yourself stories of your kindness to others, of your spiritual practices, of the mystical in your life or perhaps just plain good luck that appears. 

When you do this, regardless of what you think “really” happened you are moving to the edge of the cliff.  This is the place you face the unknown.  This is the place where miracles occur.  This is the leap into the quantum field.  Close your eyes and just leap!  Say out loud, YES!  Yes to whatever is next and let the Universe and your stupendous STORY TELLING do the rest.  Take flight, be bold and let your STORY TELLING  create a wonderful, joyful world around you.  Yes, you are the most beautiful / handsome, the kindest, richest, person in this moment.

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