2 “Uplifting” Strategy Potentials

Uplifting Strategy Potential

Blog 11/2/2022

2 “UPLIFTING” Strategy Potentials

This blog is about “Uplifting” Strategy Potentials that help you contribute to the “uplifting” of your personal consciousness and that of the collective world around you.

I found the best way to go about finding “uplifting” strategy potentials is to answer this question, “What potentials do I have in my life right now that are uplifting?”

Maybe you’ll look for possibilities in the direction of work or relationships or creativity or even spirituality.  The answers are surprising; easy to contemplate difficult to do.  It’s all about recognizing we are all in this earth walk together.



“Uplifting” Strategy Potential  I

“Uplifting Strategy Potential I starts with Skin. It is the organ that protects us and holds us together.  It’s function also creates a sense that you end with your skin and are separate from anything outside of your skin.  It makes you think you are separate from everyone and everything around you.  You think you are a stand- alone entity.  Everything that isn’t contained in me must be them or separate from me.  

A wonderfully “uplifting” thought  recognizes there is a collective.  We are all connected through the quantum field.  There are times when you can sense the feelings of others around you.  When there is happiness and joy you are delighted to enter the room from which it is emanating.  When you sense anger or frustration coming from a room you’d rather walk away. 

When you take a walk in the woods it is difficult to remain angry or frustrated for long.  This knowing that your connection with others and nature can be such a positive, healing experience that is so “uplifting”.  Realizing there are certain people and you can be one, that always makes you smile. It is truly “uplifting”.

The knowledge that being grateful, joyful, and delighted, spreads to all around you is so “uplifting”.  Conversely if you are angry, frustrated or worried it also spreads to all around you. 

It is “uplifting” to accept that you can change your emotions and positively affect yourself and others. 

It is in this present moment that we become aware of our emotions and simultaneously understand our power to change any ugly emotions to joy, happiness, and peace..  That recognition dawns and you graciously “uplift” the collective.  Regardless of which side you find yourself, it is within your ability to affect both sides with “uplifting” thoughts and emotions. 

Gather deep listening skills, compassion and apply them to another person in pain or to yourself and create harmony for yourself and others around you.  Breath deeply and know that you have answered the opening question, “What potentials do I have in my life right now that are uplifting?”

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“Uplifting” Strategy Potential  II

“Uplifting” Strategy Potential II is another method that involves taking off the mask you wear to cover up the real, true you. 

Wearing masks are used to generate an identity that ensures that you are invited to belong, that you feel welcomed by others. 

While wearing the mask you search for reflections of yourself in others.  Things you agree upon and things you do that are similar. This allows you to feel accepted by others.   From there you build a mask that allows the acceptance to continue whether you continue to feel and do the same things as others.

When this occurs the mask of conventionality becomes restrictive and limiting to the real you as you inevitably change and expand. 

Taking off the mask brings an “uplifting”, exhilarating experience.  There is a freedom of knowing and being the true you.  New understandings arise that heal and regenerate your life.  You have entered the land of potentials to “uplift” yourself and those around you.  There is nothing more “uplifting” than realizing you have capabilities, once hidden by a mask, that appear just when you need to excel.  So, take off that mask and reveal to yourself and the world, “What potentials do I have in my life right now that are uplifting?”

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