We Have It Backwards

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We've Got It Backwards

This is something I’ve known for a while but yesterday it hit me.  An epiphany, you know when you experience something from the core of your body outwards rather than just in your mind.  There it was: we always THINK when I have lots of money or great health we’ll feel so happy and free.  The ‘ah ha’ moment was genuinely realizing we have this BACKWARDS.  Feel happy and free first and the money and good health follow. 

INTENTIONS:  We all know about intentions.  Set them.  Make sure they are positive.  Then focus on them.  Continue your life and see what happens.  RIGHT?  So, what happens?  If this was the way to get to your desires then everyone who tried would be right where they want to be.  RIGHT?  That’s not the case in my experience.  How about you?  

WHAT’S MISSING?  In most cases including mine it’s the EMOTION that embodies where you want to be that is missing.  For whatever reason most of us don’t walk around feeling happy or free.  Sometimes we even lose sight of how happy and free feels.  When’s the last time you spent an entire hour in happy or free?  Walking around or sitting at a desk happy or free for an hour is that possible?  From my perspective it sure is.  At first it may seem forced and then the smile takes over, then the determination to be free for an hour or just happy happens.  You and your body aren’t used to happy or free or whatever heightened emotion you chose, so look out for distractions like a sudden back ache or cranky co-worker.  You certainly can hold the feeling of freedom and happy for an hour cause I did.  Call it determination.  When we practice this, we have it FORWARDS.  

  1. Think of what you want.

  2. Then think of the emotion you’ll have when you get it

  3. Then practice that end emotion for 10 minutes or more a day

  4. Then be amazed at what happens