Weekly Animal Energies for 3-19-23

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3-19-23 Weekly Animal Energies Reading


This week it’s time to clear all kinds of clutter out of your life by setting boundaries that respect you and your dreams.  Take time to step back listen to and trust the invisible mysteries around you.

Over the course of  time, you have allowed all kinds of clutter to crowd your life.  This clutter is not only physical clutter but more importantly excitement of too much noise (media), too many commitments made, and even messy relationships that need to be decluttered.  FROG SPIRIT screams prioritize what you need and give away the rest, especially  inconsequential stories from the past that hold you back.  Let go of all the shoulds, ought’s, and might have beens.

Once you have begun to release all the crap in your life it’s best to be discerning and say NO to things that were okay then but not now.  Learn where you end and others influence begins.  What is really yours and not beliefs you borrowed from others.  ARMADILLO SPIRIT is helping you to say NO to what doesn’t feel comfortable and be honest with yourself about what you REALLY want in this life.  Feel free to declare your needs.  This ensures making good decisions based on knowing yourself and not what others tell you.

Whenever WHALE SPIRIT appears it heralds a time of tuning into the Hidden Realms where all things gather before manifesting.  WHALE SPIRIT also reminds you that there is a Great Mystery behind all things and for you to begin to experience its presence from your heart, from intuition and your senses.   Great Mystery calls to you to trust the Invisible knowing that what you can’t see right now are the seeds of your intentions being tended by Guides and Angels.


Clear the clutter.

FROG SPIRIT knows that while all the other frogs are croaking away, this is a time for you to simplify and declutter your life so you can feel content on your own lily pad.  Even when life isn’t creating a total cacophony, we can become drawn to the excitement of lots of noise.  Then, the next thing we know, our schedules and homes are cluttered with commitments we regret making and objects taking up valuable space.  Even relationships need decluttering, as they often become messy.

FROG SPIRIT  appears to tell you to clean house—prioritize what you need, and get rid of or give away the rest, so you can have some space in your day and in your head.  You don’t need the old stuff and its stories shouting at you about the past.  Along with the physical clutter, friendships are sometimes kept long past their expiration date, weighing you down with unnecessary baggage.  Now is the time to let go.

Whatever you need will appear when you need it, so release your grip on all the clutter that is making you feel anxious and burdened.  FROG SPIRIT wants you to reclaim your space unencumbered by should, ought’s, and could-have-beens.  Let go and jump—you are free from all that old stuff!”*


Set healthy boundaries.

Learning to set healthy boundaries is the gite of ARMADILLO SPIRIT.  You are entering a phase where in order for you to be in alignment with your intentions and co-create your best life, you may have to be discerning and say no to many things what may have been okay for you in the past.  This also means that you need to learn where you end and where others begin, what is yours to own and what is not.

Know your limits and understand that it’s an empowering choice to say no to what doesn’t feel right.  ARMADILLO SPIRIT is here to tell you it’s time to be honest with yourself about what you really want.  Be clear on what you are agreeing to, declare what your needs are, and say no as a full sentence;  these are acts of respect and kindness to others as well as to yourself.  Trust your body’s signals, and you will know what to so.  ARMADILLO SPIRIT guises you in making good decisions that are grounded in a strong sense of what belongs to you and what does not.”*


Trust the great mystery.

WHALE SPIRIT is an ancient creature who was here at the beginning of time and who has seen everything, felt everything, and heard everything that has ever transpired on this planet.  In the Hidden Realms where all things must gather first before manifesting into form, WHALE SPIRIT is the keeper, singing the soul of the whole world form the deepest waters of the coldest seas.  When WHALE SPIRIT appears, it is a reminder that there is a Great Mystery that you must accept without intellectually trying to understand it.  Some things cannot be known by the mind, only experienced through the heart, through intuition and through peripheral senses that part the invisible veils separating the visible world from the Great Manifesting consciousness in the hidden realms.  Now is the time for you to immerse yourself in the Great Mystery of Spirit and to trust that within the Invisible, what you can’t see now are the seeds of your intentions being tended by the angels.”*

Weekly Animal Energies for 3-12-23

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3-12-23 Weekly Animal Energies Reading

Reclaim your faith in the unknown, as this week brings the ability to see things more clearly while extra good luck enters your life.

KOALA SPIRIT is asking you to recognize if you are mistrustful and uneasy about what you see in the world?  Would you rather stay home than face how disappointing people seem to be right now?  Is your sense of safety being challenged daily?  KOALA SPIRIT brings the message that hiding away from the world doing the same things keeps you from exploring the wonder and adventure of life.  There is so much delight and fun to be found, why let fear keep you from discovering it.  Be good to yourself and reclaim your faith in the value of unbolting the door to the unknown.

Once you welcome the unknown OWL SPIRIT flies in to point out the wisdom hidden within you.  Even in the dark of night OWL SPIRIT sees clearly and uses every sense including intuition to find the way.  This week take time to pay attention to what is invisible; use your intuition to read between the lines, value information from all your senses.  This brings clarity to your relationships, your job, your finances so you may see with clarity how they work in the world around you.

Of course, the great news is RABBIT SPIRIT continues to add extra good luck to your life this week.  What could be more fun?  You’ll be fruitful and productive all week and filled with energy.  Whatever your intentions are RABBIT SPIRIT is increasing new ideas

“KOALA SPIRIT     Protection

Spirit has a plan.

Are you feeling uneasy and mistrustful of the world?  Have you been hiding in a safe spot, afraid to venture out because you’re convinced that life and other people will disappoint you?  KOALA SPIRIT has appeared to let you know that your faith is misplaced;  the present safety you seek is already passing away, because all things are temporary and outer conditions are always changing.  Find your safety by placing your faith and trust in Spirit who will grow the abundance that is already yours.

Perhaps you are acting slowly and overly cautiously because you lack faith that there is more for you out there than what you know.  You may have boxed yourself into a safe place that has nothing else to give you and become so familiar with it that you have forgotten to explore.  Are you feeling pessimistic and convinced there is nothing more out there for you?  KOALA SPIRIT reminds you that self-care is meant to replenish you so that you can venture out again in faith, trusting that there is no limit to the joy Spirit wants you to experience.  Be good to yourself and reconnect with Spirit to reclaim your faith in things yet unseen.”*


You see clearly now.

OWL SPIRIT arrives to remind you that the wisdom within you is informed by your keen senses and the wisdom within the consciousness we all share.  Even in the darkest night, the owl sees clearly and is guided by every sense it has, including the first sense of intuition.  Right now, your sensitivities are turbocharged and you are receiving messages from all directions.  OWL SPIRIT  reminds you to be wise and pay attention to what’s between the lines, what is invisible to the naked eye, what  cannot be heard with the ears, and what others may not be able to perceive.  With all your senses aroused, you have much knowledge available to you.  Clarity will come as you  sit with all that you are sensing, allowing your intuition to guide you in understanding the whole and not just the parts.  Let your wisdom arise and be your guide as you trust the acuity of all your senses.  Intuition is real and can provide the clarity you need to understand your situation right now.  Your relationship, your finances, your job—whatever it is, you can see the truth clearly now.”*


Now is a lucky time.

A sunny meadow calls and RABBIT SPIRIT appears to lead you out of your dark warren and into the light so that you can participate in a fertile and beautiful experience.  It may seem safe below ground, but the magic happens when you come and take the risk of being vulnerable and co-creating something new.  You are being invited into a new life that you have no experience with.  But have no fear!

Today is also a time to be fruitful and productive as you enjoy RABBIT SPIRIT’S sunny and prolific energy.  At this time, whatever you intend to bring to life will find fertile ground.  There are no mistakes, really, when you are co-creating with Spirit, so let new ideas spring to the surface, knowing that now is a lucky time of tremendous possibility.”*

*Thanks to Colette Baron-Reid for wonderful SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE and Guidebook Interpretations.