Weekly Animal Energies for 2-25-24

2-25-24 Weekly Animal Energy Reading
2-25-24 Weekly Animal Energy Reading
Life’s picking up  pace once more, so why not ride the wave with gusto? Bid farewell to the illusion of chaos and embrace your loyalty to the people and passions that matter most—especially to yourself.  Seize the moment and drop the turmoil!
It’s time to get moving when ANTELOPE SPIRIT shows up.  It’s time to take steps to make your dreams real.  Sense the intensity of energy around you and take advantage of its force.  Take those plans you have to increase a financial situation or move up the career ladder and take the next step.  If it’s a relationship make the first move.  Things are materializing swiftly so stay alert and have fun.
Look between the rapidly fluttering wings of DRAGONFLY SPIRIT to see the mystical signs being sent to you.  Have you gone unconscious and forgotten the magical connections to the universe?  There is love and support available in every present moment.  Let go of the illusion of chaos and look for the signs of synergy.  When this happens as it will, you’ll know you are on the right path.
As things speed up be sure to accept the turning of the wheel of fortune.  You may feel as if you are growing apart from someone.  If that is the case, allow DOG SPIRIT to reconnect you to love in all it’s aspects.  Keep in mind your greatest loyalty is to love, so be aware of it’s many facets, especially self-love.  You do deserve the best and loyalty to increasing self-love takes you there.


Life is speeding up!

When ANTELOPE SPIRIT rushes into your life, you are being reminded of the quickening of your personal evolution as a powerful co-creator.  You are being told unequivocally that it’s time to get moving; set your intentions and take action toward making your dreams real.  There is an intensity you can feel, and it is important to take advantage of this energy right now.  If you have a plan for your career or financial abundance, now is the time to step it up.  If you are asking about a relationship, make that first move.  Just know that the intentions you have set in motion are coming together now a warp speed; stay alert and keep up.   Things are getting interesting when ANTELOPE SPIRIT calls you to move quickly.”*


Truth transcends illusion.

Did you really think this world of the senses is all there is?  From the hidden mystical realms, signs are being sent to you, but perhaps you have perceived separation and convinced yourself that you are on your own.  Have you fallen into spiritual amnesia and forgotten your connection to a living, loving, always supportive universe?  If so, rub the sleep out of your eyes, for DRAGONFLY SPIRIT is here to remind you of all the love and support available to you in every moment.  There is an organizing principle underlying the events you have experienced and DRAGONFLY SPIRIT can help you see it and trust that Spirit has your back,  Let go of the illusion of chaos and randomness.  Love is here, so follow the signs that appear serendipitously.  As you pay attention to the magic all around you, you will know you are on the right track.”*

DOG SPIRIT    Protection

Be loyal to what you love.

Loyalty to people and situations can turn into attachment that results in stagnation, enmeshment, and loss of integrity.  Do you fear what will happen if you let a relationship evolve?  Are you afraid that asking for a situation to change will make others see you as disloyal?  Trust that when DOG SPIRIT appears, you are meant to accept the turning of the wheel of life and the changing of fortunes.  If you feel you are being betrayed or are growing apart from someone, let DOG SPIRIT reconnect you with your commitment to love in all its forms.  Perhaps a relationship is meant to evolve; perhaps you are meant to evolve too, so that you can experience growth for which your soul yearns.  Your greatest loyalty is to love, so be open to all its many guises, including self-love.  You deserve the best, and that is what Spirit wants for you.”*

Weekly Animal Energies for 2-18-24

2-18-24 Weekly Animal Energy Reading

2-18-24 Weekly Animal Energies Reading


Time to open your eyes and dream a better dream for yourself.  Make time to relax and feel truly at home in your own skin.  Then face your fear that dreaming a better dream for your life will never work.  It will.

Boldly become conscious that the bad dreams of the past can switch quickly to a much better dream.  All you have to do is imagine it.  LIZARD SPIRIT asks the question, what does having what you want and being the best you,  look like?  How does it feel to take this fresh experience and realize the joy of turning it into form?  Believe in the new dream and watch it appear.


WOMBAT SPIRIT is the spirit of being at home in the world around you by accepting all your experiences without judgment, keeping a deep honesty and love of life.  Wombat brings the freedom of being truly at home in your life.   It’s a period  when you can let go of any assumed identity and settle into well-being, the warmth of home.  From this place harmony is born.


Are you unsettle about a step you’ve taken?  Are you hiding from fear of failure?  You can stand up and powerfully look fear in the eye.  This is the essence of  PANTHER SPIRIT as it make way for your courage to soar.  Own the light within you and make peace with your shadow.  Trust yourself.

“LIZARD SPIRIT     Protection

Dream the world into being.

Have you been allowing your imagination to run amok and dream up a nightmare that seems to have come true?  Fear not, for whatever dreaming you did in the past can change today as you dream anew.  Wake up from the perception that everything is wrong.  LIZARD SPIRIT asks you to open your eyes and consciously dream a better dream.  What would it look like to already have what you desire and be the one you wish to be?  How might it feel to work toward co-creating this new dream as a reality in the world of senses, drawing it out of the world of dreams and building it in the world of form?  Trust your ability dream anew.  Honor it today.”*


Be at home.

Burrowing deep into the ground, remaining safe, sound and well-fed with family, is a special trait of the wombat.  Home sweet home is always available if you recognize that well-being is the truth of life.  WOMBAT SPIRIT reminds you that to be truly at home in the world, you need to find comfort within your own skin.  You do this by accepting all your experience without judgment, through a deep honesty and love of life.  When you feel the freedom to be yourself, you can begin to truly feel at home in your life, with your family and tribe.  Right now, you’re in a beautiful place where you can hang up the coat of your identity and settle in to a true sense of home and well-being, understanding that all is well.  Everything you do from this place rings true in harmony with Spirit.”*

PANTHER SPIRIT     Protection

Reclaim your power.

Are you feeling shaky because you have made a bold move and have not yet seen confirmation that everything is going to work out?  Or is fear holding you back?  Are you afraid to act until all risk of failure has been removed?  The moment when there is no risk whatsoever will never come, so follow the urging of your PANTHER SPIRIT within and look your fear in the eye.  Have you ever heard the famous line “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?”  Stare down your fear, and it will retreat and make way for your courage to fill you head to toe.

Perhaps you are afraid you can’t trust the power that is rising in you, and you fear the qualities you will find within when you look deeply at why you resist the challenge before you.  Every part of you, no matter how dark it may seem, has a light quality, so be bold and face it; own the light and make peace with your shadow.  Spirit trusts you, so be brave and trust yourself.”*

Weekly Animal Energies for 2-11-24

2-11-24 Weekly Animal Energy Reading

2-11-24 Weekly Animal Energy Reading


This week, step forward knowing that the risk of co-creation you are about to take, blossoms beautifully. Stay with that knowing of success.  As you dive into this creation process and feel the energy surging, establish nurturing boundaries and remember to speak words of encouragement to yourself along the way.


With RABBIT SPIRIT protecting you, act as if you know that everything turns out beautifully, especially the risk you take to co-create something.  This is a time of abundance, so discard any fears and know that  real well-being lies in the process of creating.  Make curiosity and the unknown be an encouraging state.  This is the birth of something brand new.


The intention to create your best life brings with it the need to be discerning, and say NO to things that don’t fit comfortably.  This a time to learn where you end and others begin.  ARMADILLO SPIRIT says be honest with yourself regarding what you really want, test it out and declare what you actually need.  NO is a positive word here to protect you from taking on too much.


When setting boundaries that allow you to create fantastic things, keep in mind what PARROT SPIRIT shouts, “Watch your words!”  Listen carefully to what you are telling yourself about this creation.  Does it make you feel good and enthusiastic about the next step?  What do you say to others about your process?  Keep in mind to speak with joy, light and compassion to yourself and others during this creation activity.   Create a short list of the words that inspire and stimulate, joy, strength, abundance and happiness.  Then repeat them often.  Words matter!

RABBIT SPIRIT     Protection

Now is a lucky time.

Vulnerability is required of you now, even if you don’t feel safe.  Act as if you trust that you will be okay, and soon you will see that you are okay.  To create is to take risks, so at this fortunate, fertile time, banish you fears and recognize the real security is in immersing yourself in the process of co-creation.

It’s okay to admit that you really don’t know how to deal with whatever is in front of you.  This is where curiosity and not knowing can be a wonderful state of mind!  Be playful now, admitting you are at the beginning of something!  Come on out to frolic in the sun’s nurturing light, because it is time to birth something new.”*


Set healthy boundaries.

Learning to set healthy boundaries is the gift of ARMADILLO SPIRIT.  You are entering a phase where in order for you to be in alignment with your intentions and co-create you best life, you may have to be discerning and say no to many things that may have been okay for you in the past.  This also means that you need to learn where you end and where others begin, what is yours to own and what is not.  Keep your limits and understand that it’s an empowering choice to say no to what doesn’t feel right.  ARMADILLO SPIRIT is here to tell you it’s time to be honest with yourself about what you really want.  Be clear on what you are agreeing to, declare what your needs are, and say no as a full sentence;  these are acts of respect and kindness to others as well as to yourself.  Trust your body’s signals, and you will know what to do.  ARMADILLO SPIRIT guides you in making good decisions that are grounded in a strong sense of what belongs to you and what does not.”*


Watch your words.

What are you saying to yourself?  What message are you repeating?  Is it something that makes you feel good about yourself and reminds you of your strengths and potential?  Parrots mimic the sounds around them, and when PARROT SPIRIT appears, it is time to be more mindful of your self-talk and its qualities.  What do you say to others?  Are you repeating what you truly believe?

Remembering to speak with light and love can become a habit.  Be generous with compliments and thanks, affirming all that is good so that your loving, healing words will be heard throughout the jungle, cutting through the noise and inspiring others.  Listen for the words that remind you of all the strength, abundance, and joy and then repeat them, affirming what is real, true, and nurturing to the soul.

The universe will reflect back to you the story you tell.  Words matter so choose ones that lift you up and inspire others to remember that beauty surrounds us.”*

*Thanks to Colette Baron-Reid for wonderful SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE and Guidebook Interpretations.