Weekly Animal Energies for 10-2-22

10-2-22 Weekly Animal Energies
 VULTURE SPIRIT is here to emphasize that nothing is wasted.  What may have seemed ugly or decaying in your life has the potential to be transmuted into something beneficial like wisdom and understanding.  These experiences are here to serve as compost for seeds of wishes you are planting.  Essentially VULTURE SPIRIT is turning things in your life that are no longer needed into a new you.  Feel free to let the decayed, deteriorated parts of your life go.  This compost feeds the innovative and co-creates with Nature and Spirit to manifest the miracle that is your dream.
BUTTERFLY SPIRIT  announces that when you release the garbage from your life, you transform, emerging from the chrysalis, as a beautiful empowered person, bringing joy and the lightness of creativity to the world.  Focus on the splendor around you.  Even though turning into BUTTERFLY SPIRIT comes with some uncomfortable stages, as you let go of stuff that no longer fits you.  Be playful, loving, and recognize the miracle that is you. 
TURTLE SPIRIT is here to tell you now isn’t the time to rush around trying to force matters.  This is the best time to slow down and appreciate the glory of all that is around you. Stay alight and focus on the now and the next step will appear effortlessly and with great clarity.  Be patient and enjoy the transformation.


Nothing is wasted.

What seems hideous has its own beauty, and the recycling and repurposing the vulture does is as important as any other activity in nature that supports the cycle of life.   VULTURE SPIRIT’S message is that nothing is to be wasted, for Nature sees value in everything that exists.  What seems rotten and ugly has the potential to be transmuted into something beneficial, and you are reminded that any suffering you have experienced has not gone to waste.  Wisdom and understanding that arose from the experience are talismans that will serve you on your journey wherever you go.  What is decaying is only changing form and will fertilize seeds you wish to plant, turning that which has passed away into the substance that will support new growth.  All that you might wish to deny or discard has value and can be repurposed and reintegrated into the new you that you are becoming and the new life that you are dreaming into being.  No pain was in vain and no experience was wasted, for you have the power to use it to co-create something far better.  This is the miracle in your partnership with Spirit.”*


Transformation is beautiful.

Joy and the beautiful lightness of being alive and creative in the world is the focus when BUTTERFLY SPIRIT flutters before you.  Transformation is inevitable as you grow into your most beautiful empowered self.  Indeed, you will go through some uncomfortable stages as you let go of the forms of your life that no longer fit the new you.  Even relationships must go through shifts to match your new emerging self.  If you focus on the beauty and not the challenges; stop taking yourself too seriously: and choose to be playful, loving, and joyous, you will soon know the miracle you soul wants to experience through you.  Today is a day for joy, so alight!  Look around and see the beauty that is everywhere and in everyone, including you.”*



Slow and steady wins the race.

TURTLE SPIRIT arrives to remind you that when you do what you need to do, putting one foot in front of the other and trusting that you will see your intentions manifest in perfect timing, your prosperity and love will grow exponentially.  Now is not the time to rush around trying to force matters.  Move slowly, perhaps even so slowly that it almost feels as if you are not moving at all!  This may be a time to crawl  before walking, taking your time to align to TURTLE SPIRIT’s place as you contemplate this road you are on, doing what you need to do in this small moment that will soon pass.

TURTLE SPIRIT reminds you that sometimes the best action is to slow right down, so if it feels as if you are not doing enough, know that simply being aware of what is happening right now may be an important step toward determining whether you need to pivot or simply keep putting one.”

Weekly Animal Energies for 9-25-22

9-25-22 Weekly Animal Energies
BAT SPIRIT has arrived this week to let you know a rebirth is imminent.   This rebirth is a miraculous one considering that the best elements of what you give up in this death of the old are still present in the new life that is taking shape.  Remember that at this time you are in unknown territory and to trust your intuition as a reliable guide as this new life appears in front of you.  This is change from darkness to light, from lost to found happens with love as it’s center.  What is dying is shape-shifting into something more profound and extraordinary than before.  If as you read this, you feel you are in the shadows know that come morning all will be revealed and life takes on a form that is just right for you.
FOX SPIRIT says don’t let being dishonest with yourself or failing to face a difficult truth get in the way of experiencing this rebirth to its fullest.  FOX SPIRIT  brings creativity and guidance to help you bring solutions to your life that assist you to move into better circumstances.  Face that difficult truth and stay away from overthinking things this week.  Take time to tune in to what is really occurring around you.    FOX SPIRIT is warning you to stop overthinking a situation in order to avoid facing a difficult truth.  Know that FOX SPIRT is here to guide you and lead you to improved circumstances.
The best news of the week is that as the rebirth occurs and self-honesty abides, SCARAB BEETLE SPIRIT joins you to bring creative magic into your life.  This ensures that you are absolutely capable of bringing something extraordinary into your life ‘right out of thin air.’   As the Egyptians believed, the SCARAB BEETLE SPIRIT brings infinite potential to the person who receives it.  What could be better?   In addition to all this,  energy is being channeled to you so that you feel empowered and replenished all week.  Stay alert as miracles, opportunities, abundance and love appear out of nowhere and manifest in your life, compliments of SCARAB BEETLE SPIRIT.

“BAT SPIRIT   A rebirth is assured.

After something has run its course and died or been released, finished, surrendered, completed, or ended, there is a promise of a new beginning.  Rebirth is assured just as night gives way to dawn and the bat emerges from the darkness of a womblike cave.  BAT SPIRIT has come to remind you that this rebirth is a miraculous one, for the very best elements of what you had to give up in the death of the old are still present in this new, amazing life forming now.  This is the miracle and magic of rebirth in every aspect of your life, including the rebirth of faith in your ability to establish new and healthy relationships.

BAT SPIRIT reminds you that at present, you are in unknown territory and may feel as if you are lost.  However, you are called to trust that your intuition will be a reliable guide as you give birth to something new and unfamiliar,  BAT SPIRIT has listened in the darkness of night and has heard all your hopes and dreams, your fears and worries, and assures you that this new version of your dream – this move from darkness into light, from lost to found and death to rebirth – comes to fruition with Love at its  core.   BAT SPIRIT asks you to trust that what seems to have died is actually shape-shifting into something even more meaningful and wondrous than before.  If you feel you are in the dark, know that come morning, all will be revealed, and things will be in a new form that is right for you.”*

“FOX SPIRIT     Think on your feet.   Protection

Are you camouflaging yourself to avoid intimacy?  Perhaps you are being too clever for your own good and playing games to protect yourself.  Being dishonest with yourself or others can become isolating and create obstacles to true connection.  FOX SPIRIT calls you to be attuned to what is happening within you and around you so that your quick thinking and creativity can lead you to better relationships and situations.  You are called to use your FOX SPIRIT beneficially rather than in ways that keep you from experiencing what you want.

Or perhaps right now you are realizing that a situation is trickier than it appears on the surface, and you are afraid to make a move in case it turns out to be a mistake FOX SPIRIT is here to remind you that when you are in alignment with the Great Spirit, the answers and solutions can come quickly and you can trust them.  Don’t overthink a situation in order to avoid the challenge of facing a difficult truth.  FOX SPIRIT’S creative nature will always be there to guide you and help you move quickly into better circumstances.”*

“SCARAB BETTLE SPIRIT    Magic works through you.

In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was revered, for the creative magic of SCARAB BEETLE SPIRIT reminds us that we can bring forth something extraordinary seemingly out of thin air.  Whenever you let your creativity flow through you, SCARAB BEETLE SPIRIT reminds you that Spirit has given you the gift of infinite potential.  You have an ally as you fashion something new or repurpose the old, for Spirit co-creates with you, channeling energy through you so that you feel replenished and vitalized as you make magic with what is at hand.

Now is a time for great optimism, for you can accomplish anything you desire and your creative endeavors will come to fruition.  Miracles, opportunities, abundance, and love will appear seemingly out of nowhere as you allow Spirit to work through you and magically manifest what you need.”*

*Thanks to Colette Baron-Reid for wonderful SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE and Guidebook Interpretations.