Creating Life-Changing Clarity

Creating Life-Changing Clarity

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Creating Life-Changing Clarity in Today’s World

Creating life-changing Clarity in today’s world is an immense challenge.  You don’t hear or see much that reflects clarity in today’s media or social outlets.  In fact, clarity is becoming a rare commodity.  There is so much information available it’s difficult to sift through all of it. 
Seeking clarity can throw you into a state of complete overwhelm when all you were after was a simple answer.  If you base clarity on truth then you’ll have to dig through more information than you can imagine to find what looks like the truth.  And even then the truth ends up being somewhat nebulous.

Why is Creating Clarity Important?

So why is clarity important?  Clarity is the basis for a well-defined state of focus.  When you are focused and on point there is little that distracts you from your goals.  Other people’s opinions and interference mean nothing when you are crystal clear about where you are going.  You need clarity to identify and carry out your life’s purpose.  Clarity of your life’s purpose directs vibrant, positive energy into all other areas of your life.  
Once you have clarity about your life’s purpose then clarity about how you intend to reach it is vital.  As you move to reach your purpose you definitely need clarity of agreement from others with whom you are involved.  This clarity side tracks disappointments and problems that occur when agreements with others aren’t clear.  Careful, distinct communication with others is tantamount to bringing Clarity into your life.  That’s truly creating life-changing clarity.
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What is Life-Changing Clarity Based On?

Often you start out with a foggy vague picture that is supposed to answer a question or better define a path.  As you continue to ponder the question or path, the steps to take are there but not well defined.  It may be an awareness that something doesn’t ring true.  It can be an uncomfortable feeling that something doesn’t fit and needs to be changed.  This is the time to become more precise and fine-tuned to what exactly is this fogginess.


How Does Creating Clarity Work?

Creating life-changing Clarity takes the vague, foggy sense of something and turns it into a usable format that matches  where you are and what you need.  It readies you for right action.  Often it involves patient articulate searching for and finding, hidden information that sheds light on and makes  obvious the exact right choice.  This then leads to focused right action.  Action without clarity usually ends in disaster.
Clarity also works if you take time to probe the why of your  choice.  Also query “What will you gain by taking this action?”  By answering these questions, you also clear up what results you can anticipate.  This way you don’t end up with something you don’t want.

Creating Life-Changing Clarity and the Funnel Effect

Often when you are searching for information,  digging deep for clarity there are mounds of material to process.  Lots of the information is contradictory, lots of it lacks verity, seems less than iron-clad.  Your head begins to spin and instead of removing fog it perpetuates it.  If you are going to achieve clarity in this era of instant information try putting the information in a funnel. 
Let your mind be the funnel and here’s how: try out different thoughts about the object of your clarity.  Say you want to get clarity on how a virus spreads so you can take action.  Think about the different ways virus might spread, think about what view point feels right for you i.e. positive, definite, critical.  Once you find a comfort zone then filter out the information that doesn’t click with you.  Creating life-changing  Clarity follows.  Check out wise words about clarity from Joe Dispenza.
Creating clarity & your body

Creating Life-Changing Clarity in YOUR Body

Clarity brings a feeling of fine-tuned energy flow to your body.  Think of a time you were crystal clear about your next action.  Your body responds to this self-assured feeling with energy, enthusiasm and direct engagement.  When you are clear about your next action, movement is effortless and completion a must.  Shoulders back, head erect leaning into what’s next.

The Magic of Life Changing Clarity

Think of something that eludes clarity.  Put aside 15 minutes to do this exercise.  Create a relaxed space, take a few long, measured breaths in and out until you reach a calm mind.   Picture a fine, light, energy entering the top of your head, flowing into your brain, organizing and cleaning house,  rearranging your thoughts into a pattern that allows you to become a part of a probable future that is very light and joyful.  Feel this energy traveling all the way down through your body until your mental, emotional and physical body are aligned.  Now peacefully ask for clarity or a symbol that will bring clarity.  Now sit quietly in relaxed stillness until a symbol or answer arrives.

Results of Being Clear

When you invest time in becoming clear and aligning the energy within you the more likely you are to take actions that are entirely different from the old way you did things.  You eliminate a great deal of the ‘hit or miss actions you used to take.  You generate new surprisingly fresh results creating life-changing clarity.   If you practice clarity you can evolve rapidly on a spiritual level and on your chosen path to success by spending time to get clear, asking for what you want and being open to receive it. “Ask for what you want, and be prepared to get it.” Maya Angelo