My Story

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I have always been interested in ways to help myself and others to grow and be happier.   My attention was always on how to bring a smile to work during my years employed in sales and marketing for major hotel chains.  I am continually following the latest scientific discoveries that point the way to well- being whether it be physical, mental or spiritual .
I am drawn to discover the ways to conquer the feeling of being stuck in myself and others.  I am motivated to use CHANGE, something that is inevitable and everyone experiences, to Create Your Best Life Now.
There have been places in my life that feeling stuck  road-blocked any progress at all.  There always seemed to be something in my way to blame for the stagnant circumstance I faced.  Then I realized that I could tap into the one event you can count on to happen, CHANGE.  I began to explore all possible things about CHANGE.  I loved what I learned, especially from the new scientific studies on CHANGE.  I uncovered how CHANGE can work positively for myself and others.
I have made wonderful changes from the inside out in my life.  I love sharing the growth, joy, expansion, confidence, clarity, magnetism and love that positive CHANGE brings. That’s why it is so vital to share.  Are you asking why this is important to you?  Well, you can take something as everyday as CHANGE and make it your partner to grow, evolve, increase your finances, improve your relationships and create vibrant health.  All of which I’ve done. is where I regularly share beneficial information, meditations, steps to take, scientific findings, classes and conscious ideas to help you ride the wave of CHANGE to the place you want to be. 
I ask questions and listen attentively to your answers.  I enjoy understanding where your mind is.  I intend to use all your answers and the wisdom I’ve gained as a parent, partner and corporate person to get you to stop living from the past and CHANGE to a fabulous future of your creating.