Remarkable Power of Beliefs

Remarkable Power of Beliefs

Remarkable Power of Beliefs

How does the remarkable power of beliefs unfold?

It all starts with something that grabs your attention.  Yes, you see someone doing well, being praised by others.  You find yourself thinking that would be a great place to be right now.  You’d love to be accepting praise for a job well done.
You take a few moments to notice what that lucky person is doing.  You say to yourself, “I’d like some of that adoration.”  One way or another you figure out what was so appreciated and admired.  YOU begin to recognize the remarkable power of belief that this person has.  It sounds like something you would like and could mimic.  It has your full attention.

Sensing the remarkable power of beliefs

As the day advances you continue to think about that positive event and how you’d like that in your life.  You begin to think about and pay more attention to what the person  did.  You begin to sense the power of belief as you ruminate on the episode.  Can I do that?  Will it work for me?  Will it bring acclaim into my life? 

The remarkable power of beliefs is in the repetition

By the next morning the many thoughts you have had are creating the remarkable power of belief that you too can plan and set up the same situation to accomplish  the same great thing.  You aren’t certain if the right moment will happen for you to try to carry out your plan to bring a little admiration in your life.  You feel like you’ve had the opportunity before but didn’t take advantage.  Maybe this is your big chance.  Now the power of belief is taking over as  you keep thinking about the incident that brings praise and how to recreate it in your life.

Finding the moment to practice the power of beliefs

Now it’s lunch time.  The power of the belief in how good praise feels urges you to find an opportunity to reenact the praise worthy episode so you too can experience the wonderful feelings you watched flourishing yesterday.  You are on the alert for opportunities to appear so you can make this praise-worthy episode happen.  You keep watching and waiting.  A couple of openings appear but now you are doubtful and afraid you’ll mess up.  You’ve been rehearsing what you’ll do since yesterday.  Bummer.

Is there ever a last chance to practice the remarkable power of beliefs?

It’s  only a few moments before it’s time to leave work.  The power of belief tells you this is your last chance to practice the praise-worthy deed.  You’re feeling desperate, you promised yourself you’d try it today.  You really need some encouragement in your life.  The power of belief is beginning to fade as you begin to clean off your desk, pick up your jacket, and look around.  There is no one left on the floor that you know and trust.

As the power of belief diminishes another belief appears

The power of belief is diminishing as you go out to the car, making sure you look around for someone  to try the praise-worthy feat.  Your boss is just getting in her car and looking anxious to leave.  Bad time to try this.  You drive home thinking that things just didn’t work out to help you.  Then your thoughts change and you think, “well maybe this was for the best, at least I didn’t make a fool of myself.  Feels comfortable to be driving home just as I am.”
Remarkable power of beliefs

The power of beliefs in opposition

Next morning you still find yourself desiring some much-needed approval and praise.  The initial impact of the episode that brought your attention to needing to be admired is fading.  You’re beginning to think that if it was meant to be that you get some praise it would have happened.  At least no one thinks you’re needy.  Then it becomes a thought that says, “Well I’m safe where I am.  I doubt I could have pulled it off.”  The initial power of belief is now opposing a new belief of doubt.
If a belief is only a thought you keep thinking, then you have created 2 very separate power of beliefs over the last 24 hours.  The first belief is that doing a praise-worthy deed will bring you compliments and good feelings; something you’d like to experience.  The second belief is focused on doubt, the doubt that the right moment will ever occur, the doubt that if you do get a chance you may not get it right.  It’s the over-arching doubt that this belief will come to fruition.
This is the power of beliefs that conflict.  Welcome to the conflicting belief predicament.  This is a place that begs the answer to the question, where are you being dishonest with yourself?  What is the truth of your situation?  In this case you are thinking a thought that is in opposition to what you first saw and wanted in your life. 
If you understand the Law of Attraction which states, what you think about and put your attention on is what you bring into your life, then the result you’re going to get is confusion and probably the opposite of what you desired.   Certainty and doubt are conflicting beliefs.  One has to go or the outcome is going to be very confusing

The remedy for the power of beliefs that conflict

The solution here is to go back to the feeling that doing a praise -worthy deed brings.  It could be sense of admiration, approval, applause and a sense of value.  Take 5 minutes and experience how approval, applause and admiration would feel.  Let go of the doubt and let go of how this wonderful experience will arrive in your life.  Then watch the magic unfold.
This ability to experience the emotion of admiration and approval you desire without the actual praise-worthy deed happening is regenerating.  It gives you a second chance to create what you wanted without doubt and contradiction.  It is a clear message to the universe to send opportunities that value and praise you.