Sa Ta Na Ma Exercise to Improve Memory and Word Search

Sa Ta Na Ma Exercise to Improve Memory, Cognitive Ability & Verbal Skills

Are you in the middle of a conversation and can’t remember that word???  Suffering from ‘word search’?  Went to the kitchen twice and still can’t remember why you’re in the kitchen?  This is a proven way to change all that.  My partner has been practicing this and his memory, verbal skills and cognitive ability has dramatically improved, so much so that I’m doing it now!

Fantastic Meditation/Exercise to Improve Cognitive Ability, Enhance Memory, and Improves Verbal Skills

This is a very simple exercise using any four intonations you want.  This is a secular exercise.  It has nothing to do with any religion.  The actual intonations here are Sanskrit.  They do have meaning but it is irrelevant to the outcome.


  • Enunciate the following four tones; Sa, Ta, Na, Ma and accompany each with a mudra. 
  • The mudra is to touch your forefinger to your thumb as you say Sa. 
  • Then touch middle finger to thumb as you say Ta
  • Then touch your next finger to thumb as you say Na
  • Then touch your little finger to thumb as you say Ma

Use just one hand to do this.

Follow this sequence

  1. Do the Sa, Ta, Na, Ma along with finger mudra saying Sa, Ta, Na, Ma out loud for 2 minutes
  2. Then do same Sa, Ta, Na, Ma mudra only whispering for 2 minutes
  3. Then intone same sounds & mudra silently in your head for 4 minutes
  4. Next intone same sounds & mudra in whisper for 2 minutes
  5. Finally do Sa, Ta, Na, Ma again out loud for 2 minutes

Total of 12 minutes for this meditation

Great to do this before bed.  Do for at least 14 consecutive days in a peaceful place where there’ll be no interruptions.