Fear & Isolation in the Time of 19

Fear & Isolation Cosmos

Challenge of 19

Fear and Isolation

This time is unique in that it represents world-wide hysteria caused by fear that results in isolation.  This virus has connected the earth in fear rather than cooperation and compassion.  Obviously, there is great significance in this happening/time.  I find myself wondering what the significance is.  I’d like to see it, acknowledge it, and let it be over.  Let it bring its powerful message so I can move forward.  I want to move to a time that is filled with self-compassion & love rather than fear.


Fear & Isolation Based on False Premise

The first thing I’ve drawn from this virus threat is that it’s based on a false premise.  That premise is that the fear of this virus, the hysteria it has created and our experience of this fear & worry will somehow keep us protected and safe.  Why else would we do this?  Why else would we rush to grocery stores in panic to stock up so that we can isolate ourselves from its sting?  We’ve believed so long that if we fear enough and isolate ourselves from others, somehow, we’ll be safe.  Somehow this fear & worry will work its magic and keep us secure.  We have repeated this belief and repeated this belief so much that it has interfered with our sense of intelligence.  It has attracted evidence of this belief to our lives which makes us right in this belief all think that fearing enough, worrying enough and isolating ourselves from our neighbors and people in our community is the only way to keep us safe.  This is a false premise.  When was the last time fear & worry brought joy, love, safety & synergy into your life?  Never.

True intelligence is a partnership with the Universe not fear & isolation

Time to activate true intelligence.  How would that look?  To remember that something greater than us, for you it may be the Universe, God, Source or Nature created all this, maintains it, and that we are in partnership with this cosmic force.  This partnership comes first.  This force that brings joy, opportunity, benevolence into our lives is what is tantamount to our safety, security, good health and growth.  Not fear. Not mistrust.  We drain every bit of our personal power living in fear & worry.  There are tons of studies that show that fear, worry, mistrust, feeling the victim, & the stress from all this is what creates  and perpetuates illness, not cure it.  It has also been studied and proven that diversity supports our individual freedoms and consequently good health & happiness.  When we continue to try to enforce human behavior to please a majority like identifying others as dangerous, it perpetuates a struggle that causes us to isolate.  It is natural for all of us to be different.  This is the delight, the discovery and joy of being one human among many interesting humans rather that the fear leading to isolation.

Reversing fear & isolation

How do we reverse these 2 destructive beliefs regarding fear & isolation?  They certainly aren’t intelligent.  I’m certain,  one of the first things we could do is stop repeating over & over the thoughts in our head containing fear & isolation.  Be mindful and aware of the impulsive nature of these thoughts.  They’ve been around an entire lifetime for most of us.  Be conscious of these thoughts before you act.  Recognize the untruth inherent in thinking them.  Adjust your actions accordingly.  Intend for a buzzer to go off every time one takes over your mind.  Then go to stillness.


Fear & Isolation an illusion

Contemplate the thought that fear is an illusion, isolation is an illusion.  Chose love and compassion for yourself & others in their place.  Fear forces you into believing that you are a victim, unworthy, unsafe, and that life is somehow unfair.  Why would you want to continue living in fear?  Has it ever brought you to a place of joy, confidence, happiness and great health?  Travel to those times you’ve been the most joyful and on purpose in your life.  Synergy was abundant, others were delighted to be around you and you with them.  There was a smile on your face.  It is a time when you are ‘YOUFUL’.  Yes, full of love for yourself & others.

Answer to fear & isolation???

I admit I don’t have the answers yet.  Especially the answer to what this virus is all about, what message it has for our growth however I do know that as Abraham says “Everything is always working out for us ….”  That nothing ever really goes wrong it just clarifies a new direction for us to take.

Astonishing Hidden ‘Why’ of Affirmation

Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Step 4 

Hidden Why of an Affirmation

Astonishing Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Simon Sinek said in his famous TED talk that the “why” of what you do is the most important motivator to bring things into your life.  If you are smart enough to use affirmations then you’re smart enough to explore the hidden ‘why’ of what you want to affirm.  Let’s say you are affirming achievement in your life.  Then the question is “why?”  Why would you want to be an achiever?    What’s behind achievement for you?  What does achievement look like and why don’t you have it right now?  What did your parents and teachers say about achievement that sold you on having it?  So if you did have it what would it feel like?  And lastly why is it so powerful for you?  Take time now to uncover the answers to these questions. 

Deep Dive into Astonishing WHY of an Affirmation

Once you have answered these questions about your affirmation you are taking a deep dive into the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation i.e. how achievement feels.  What part of it is real for you and what part is myth?  By myth I mean, did you discover that achievement was a superficial aspect of something  hidden you want to affirm in your life?   When you were exploring the ‘why’ of achievement did you realize you were actually looking for magic in your life or synergy or power or confidence or maybe even having something profound enter your life? 

Basic Positive Emotion Hidden in WHY of an Affirmation

If your affirmation includes a basic positive emotion or as you explore the hidden ‘why’ of your affirmation you uncover a positive emotion, then move into feeling & experiencing this emotion.  Be grateful for this present moment and the astonishing emotion you are experiencing.  If perhaps you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole and are assaulted by a negative feeling, take a deep breath in and out and think of the opposite of this negative emotion.  Perhaps you were exploring the ‘why’ of achievement and you were overcome with the feeling of doubt.  Take a deep breath and the opposite of doubt appears as confidence.  Amazing, you found the positive emotion and became aware at the same time.  Move into confidence; remember the time you nailed the right answer when no one else knew?

Gratitude & Positive Emotion in Hidden WHY of an Affirmation

Gratitude naturally follows experiencing a positive emotion and we all know how powerful gratitude is.  Take a moment to register just how astounding it feels to be encompassed in this positive feeling.  This is the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation and this wonderful positive place is what is possibly the most incredible motivator to manifesting your affirmation.  When you think about it you’re already there.  When you acknowledge  gratitude for this awesome feeling and for the knowing that if you can get here on your own then the essence of the affirmation will easily follow.  This is when the hidden ‘why’ of an affirmation reveals its stunning power.  Your dream arrives in a form that replicates this feeling.  You don’t have to become the CEO of Amazon or a maven of commerce.  The universe may have something much better, more fun and inspiring for you.


Launch the Affirmation Effectively

Launch Affirmation Effectively

Step 3 Launching Affirmation

Resistance to launching affirmation effectively

In order to launch the affirmation effectively, say the affirmation out loud. Take a moment to check for resistance.  Does any part of the affirmation cause a sense of doubt or uncertainty?  Do you find yourself saying, “Well that’ll never happen?”  Does the affirmation in any way seem outlandish, stupid, unreasonable or silly?  If any of these things are happening write down exactly how or why the affirmation doesn’t seem attainable.  Set aside a few moments to tap on this resistance to your affirmation even if it’s just a feeling.  You’ve used the best method to craft this affirmation so if there is resistance it’s time to let go of it and tapping is the best and easiest way.  Keep in mind an affirmation will never work if you have resistance to what it says.  Now you know why your affirmation didn’t work.  Click here to do some tapping to let go of resistance.   


Saying and feeling the words in present moment as you launch affirmation

Once you are comfortable with your affirmation, launch the affirmation by taking a slow breath in and out and then recite the affirmation.  Again, take a slow breath in and out and again recite the affirmation.  Say the affirmation a total of 10 times for a week, no more. Say the words slowly and deliberately.  As a result you are launching the affirmation in the present moment, the most powerful and successful place to launch an affirmation.  After the 5th time saying the affirmation, stop and breath with no thoughts.  Take your time.  Notice the power and aliveness of the present moment as you do this.  Then notice the power and feeling of the individual words as you launch the affirmation. 


How does it feel when the affirmation comes true?

A very important function of launching the affirmation effectively is to experience the same feeling you would have when this affirmation becomes reality.  Do you feel joy?  Is it excitement, or enthusiasm or profound peace?  Do you feel magical and powerful?  Do this without head chatter just live the experience as if it has already happened. From the affirmation example I gave in earlier blog I sense as I launch the affirmation, the excitement & feeling of success that I have as I stand before a class with lots of attendees.  You can also visualize this experience, along with the feeling, while saying the affirmations.  This results in launching the affirmation right into the present moment, the source of all manifestation. 


Launch the affirmation & forget about it

When you have completed saying the affirmation 10 times or for just 10 minutes launch the affirmation by letting it go completely, trusting in wonderful results.  Refrain from any attachment to a specific outcome or a specific way the intention will materialize.  Stop yourself from ruminating about how it will happen, or when, or worse whether it will happen.  Just let it go.  Do something to distract you from thinking about it.  Clean the house, start breakfast, play with kids any fun distraction.  Forget about it all together.


Aliveness Essential Within Affirmations & YOU

Feeling the Aliveness Within when doing Affirmations the sense of serenity


STEP 2 – 

Chose a time & place where you will have quiet and no interruptions.  Set aside about 10-15 minutes to actually say the Affirmation you have written.
 Release any struggle like inner longing, striving to get everything right or being perfect, those things get in the way of  experiencing essential aliveness.  Drop stress, frustration and impatience.  If you are experiencing difficulty abandoning these challenges try the following EFT tapping to help loosen the resistance.  Above all wait until you feel completely relaxed and able to reach the experience of a peaceful, quiet state in your body and mind.  This wonderful place is where the essential aliveness abides.
Begin by taking some deep slow breaths in and out until you experience calmness and a drop in the level of inner body tension as you begin to notice the feeling of aliveness within you.    You’ll notice your shoulders relax and your view of the room around you will soften.
Now place your attention an inch behind your eyes and ½ inch up-wards.  Softly look around the room from this place, breath, and while you are doing this notice the slowing down of head chatter.  It’s likely that when you do this head chatter will subside completely.  This state of peace brings you to a feeling of the essential aliveness within you. 
Where are You?  Welcome to the present moment, the NOW.  This is where you want to start saying the words of YOUR affirmation accompanied by this feeling of essential aliveness within you & within the affirmation & even the aliveness in the background of the room.


Creating a Powerful Affirmation

lIghting way to powerful affirmations

Step One: creating a powerful affirmation

 Powerful Affirmation

It’s in the questions and the words

Ask a meaningful question about the place you are and the help you need and that results in creating a powerful affirmation.  Here are a few meaningful & powerful questions to ask:

  1. What good is trying to emerge within this situation and within me?
  2. Clarify what the Universe want to create through me in this situation I’m experiencing?
  3. How shall I proceed to create the best outcome for me?
  4. Tell me the next beneficial step to take?

Be in a quiet place and contemplate these questions.

Write down the words, thoughts and emotions you receive.  As a result, you begin to connect with the essence of what you want.  The answers from these meaningful questions generate wonderful positive words and emotions.  These are the words and emotions to use in creating your affirmation.

(If after some quiet time you feel blocked try getting help by drawing an Oracle card. Crystal Spirits Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid are wonderful.)

Example:  I would like to create a powerful affirmation to have clients sign up for energy healing class I’m giving.

My Meaningful question is: What is the best thing for me to do?  After contemplating that question, I received a sense to trust that there are clients waiting to take my class right now. 

Now let’s say even after my insights I was feeling stuck.  I pick from Crystal Spirit Cards the crystal Carnelian.  The positive words and emotions connected with this crystal Carnelian are: increased confidence, poise, self-assurance, capable of co-creating all you need.

Here is the affirmation I created to attract clients for my energy healing class:

I am grateful for the many clients signing up now for my brilliant energy healing class.”  The emotion and words I go to experience when saying affirmation is confidence, self-assurance, poise and capable.

Now check to make sure this affirmation is realistic.  If you’ve never played tennis before setting intention to be the club champion might be unrealistic.

Example 2: I would like to create a powerful affirmation to improve my health, especially getting rid of pain.

Meaningful questions chosen:

  1. What is there for me to do to improve my health and let go of pain?
  2. What good is trying to emerge with this pain and poor health?

Be in a quiet place.  Take a few deep breaths and contemplate the previous questions.  Write down the words, thoughts and emotions you sense.  If after some time you feel blocked you can either do EFT tapping or get help by drawing a card or two from Crystal Spirits Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid or any Oracle deck.

The message  sensed from Source was to begin to speak up and know my words have power and influence and to come from a place of personal truth.  Then I checked in with cards to find out what good is trying to emerge and I got Labradorite which means that what’s emerging is an awakening to the magic & synchronicity in my life.   And the second card revealed I am to engage in ‘big picture’ thinking, dream big!

The powerful affirmation I created from this up-lifting experience is:

“I am authentically voicing the power, magic & synergy  that dreaming the BIG DREAM elicits.”  The elevated words and emotions I go to when saying this affirmation is the sparkling feeling of magic and the excitement of synergy.

Enjoy creating your own affirmation.  Hint ‘I am’ is a very good way to start.  Using it keeps you in the present moment, just where you want to be.  This is where all the power and magic occurs.

Do Affirmations Work?



Yes, Yes, & Yes.  There are studies that show that what you think effects what happens in your life.  If you are conscious of your thoughts that’s proof in itself.  When you wake up is there a jumble of good mixed with negative mixed with habitual thoughts running through your head?  Watch what unfolds the rest of day.  You guessed it,  a mixture of good, bad and habitual patterns.  The art of creating an affirmative day is in being mindful of your thoughts as you start the day and how you respond with thoughts to what happens during the day. 

Start the day with good present moment thoughts.  Maybe have a positive intention for the day ready to say.  The best way to turn around a difficult, nothing is going right day, is to affirm, “Everything is always working out for me.”  Take a moment to image what that looks like for you and then watch what happens.

Sometimes in life you chose to Create YOUR Best Life Now. When this happens, you may find you need help with the creative aspect of your plan, or to attract clients or help or  to bring investors into the mix.  This is an optimal time to use affirmations.


Affirmations get the  best results, results you can see and feel when you are creating something that serves the good of all beings.  This is a time when you chose to make the world a better place.  Use affirmations when you are looking for ways to let the world know about your creation and ways you need assistance or support for the creation.


You Are So Much More Powerful Than YOU Think

You Are So Much More Powerful Than You Think

maria badasian 539439 unsplash Create YOUR Best Life Now

Measuring Power

All too often we measure our power by how much money we have or how much material things we possess or maybe by our title at work or how many times we win. I’ve turned a corner in my life which has opened me up to an entirely different way of looking at and measuring power in life.  Now, I know that power can be measured by how life responds to you and how you respond to life.  What does power look like?  It looks like committing to telling the truth to myself and others.  At first I thought this might be a problem, you know, having to tell someone that they do look like they’ve gained weight. 

Truth and Power

That’s not what’s been happening in my day.  Instead I find myself looking for the best in others and in what each day brings.  I find that if it’s true to you it may seem goofy or woo woo or negative to others.  At least that’s how you think other people will respond to your truth.  Listing on your resume that you communicate regularly with Angels is a little shaky.  Truth doesn’t gloss over things that are negative or problematic in your life.  Truth allows you to see with clarity.  Once you state that truth whether it be positive or negative to yourself you’ve opened the door to clarity in life.  Ironically my confidence has grown. 

Capacity to find the Concealed

Power also looks like committing to recognize there’s a great deal more to the day than meets the eye.  I love mysteries and I love nature, so this is a fun thing for me to do.  What really has surprised me is that my intuition has increased and now I’m seeing and sensing energy and how energy flows.  I’ve always known that you can heal yourself.  I have a multitude of examples in my own life and in other folks lives I’ve helped.  I’m understanding now that it’s all in what you believe and know in your heart. 

Love + Energy = Power

Power also looks like committing to recognize there’s a great deal more to the day than meets the eye.  I love mysteries and I love nature, so this is a fun thing for me to do.  What really has surprised me is that my intuition has increased and now I’m seeing and sensing energy and how energy flows.  I’ve always known that you can heal yourself.  I have a multitude of examples in my own life and in other folks lives I’ve helped.  I’m understanding now that it’s all in what you believe and know in your heart. 

bill williams 20560 unsplash Create YOUR Best Life Now

Reducing Stress Around Debt

Ever wonder how to reduce stress around DEBT?

There are 3 basic types of money you work with every day.  They are debt, savings, and income goals.  Debt is by far the most stress provoking type of money.  It hovers around every purchase you make and most steps you take in business.  It also influences the way you sell yourself and your products.  The stress from having too much debt acts as an unconscious undercurrent affecting the entire day.  It can also keep you up at night.  Along with debt you may only need one other stressor like someone cutting you off on the highway to hurl you into anxiety.  The question is, how to reduce the stress from debt, especially when you find yourself wanting to flip the finger at someone.  Here is one of my favorite ways to immediately calm stress and nerves when you are on the go.  Try it you’ll be amazed at the results.


Take a long, slow breath in through your nose.  Breath out gently through your mouth.  Without stopping breath in slowly through your nose.  Imagine your breath as a continual motion, remembering not to stop the breathing motion.  Do this for a few minutes to immediately relieve stress.

How to Reduce Menacing Stress Around Debt