Incredible Mirror Effect

Incredible Mirror Effect

How to Use the Incredible Mirror Effect

Incredible Mirror Effect Revealed.
Take a moment to sit down in a quiet peaceful place.  Just sit for a few minutes and let stillness cover you.  Let your mind clear. Imagine you have this incredible magical mirror.  It resides in the world outside of you.  It is reflected in everything you view and experience that seems outside of you.
It seems that everywhere I go for explanations and understandings about what is happening on the earth right now I come across the Incredible Mirror Effect.
Prior to July I came across the theory behind the Incredible Mirror  Effect.  It simply said the world you experience outside of you is an Incredible Mirror of what’s brewing inside of you.
Okay this sounds really interesting but how do you use the Incredible Mirror Effect for the highest good of all including you and me?
It all started with a suggestion that if you have a problem that is upsetting you and you really want to do something to remedy it only the remedy is completely out of reach, what do you do?   Identify the emotion you are facing when you realize there is nothing you can do about this problem.  Then find the mirror emotion within you, in your everyday personal life.  What is the situation that generates this same emotion, the situation you are unable to change in you daily life?  This is the beginning of the Incredible Mirror Effect.
Thus I began thinking about a situation outside of me in my everyday life that I seem to be unable to change.  What is the emotion here that mirrors the situation way outside of me that I can do nothing about? 
At times the emotion is frustration.  I find myself saying, “How can they not see what’s going on?”  “How can they just follow like lemmings without opening their minds and questioning what’s really going on?”  This is putting all our freedoms in jeopardy.  Sometimes I just feel they are STUPID.
Here’s where the fun begins.  I’m taking these emotions to my personal life.  This is where the Incredible Mirror Effect resides.  Where in my day to day life do I feel frustrated, unable to open my mind to what’s really going on, unable to see I’ve just put my freedom in jeopardy?  Where do I just plain feel STUPID?
Amazing I went right to an area of my personal life where I am facing several things I feel I can’t do a damn thing about, shocking, and yet innocent.
The question now is what can I do about these blocks in my personal life that will end the Incredible Mirror Effect that’s showing up in my outer  world too?   
The first thing is to accept the emotion I am feeling.  That is the emotion on the personal level.  Accept that I feel frustrated because I can’t seem to make things happen my way.  I just sit and accept it.
I’ve given up on matter to matter, trying to force things.  Yet, I don’t seem to get how to create an event from the quantum field.  I have others doing it around me all the time!  Just accept this frustrating, powerless feeling.
Next I asked where is this feeling coming from and what is it based on?  THE PAST.  Shoot the past as Trevor G Blake says.  It isn’t where I am right now.  I am in the PRESENT MOMENT.  Past has no power here.  Stay with where I am right here right now.
So, where am I right now?  I’m in a place of peace, contentment and joy.  I’m in nature sitting writing this.  Life is good,  It rained and everything is leaning towards lush green.
There is nothing for me to figure out, nothing for me to worry about.  I love where I am right now.  I feel physically strong and thankful for the trees, birds and clouds creating imaginary visuals in the sky.
The question now is how will this state of acceptance be an Incredible Mirror Effect in the outer world for me?  How will this new state manifest?  This is FUN.  I can just move through the day/week and watch what happens, staying conscious and aware.  I’ll be on the ‘look-out’ for things I can accept as a gift and then act on the gift, whether it be gratitude or taking an actual next step.
I’m loving this journey into the rest of my day, my week and the rest of my life!
For more information on living from the inside out click here.

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